I played today little and must says! The game is boring like it was year ago!

Nothing changes!

So this is last time i login in to this game!

Is the vettes still op?

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Hey guys, here's a video of me going 19-0 in my Valcour!

Imbalansing unit? No thanks!

Stability and functionality of this game is brilliant. I never encounter any single bug. The game works wonderfull. The main problem is balance and only this is matter. The other thing as i understand you just don't have someone who can create balance. I like visual part of the game, but gameplay is...........The game just don't have dinamics. It's slow.

Dreads are not a problem. Vettes it a problem.

But the main problem is skils and availability. Buying new ship gives you nothing.

And i'm serious. This game is slow. Gameplay is slow and location are too small. The ships are small too.

The whole day i spend on this game. Maybe it's no so bad but gameplay is total mess. Boring and unbalanced and slow. vettes and other dumb units...........So i quit for sure this time. Go luck to all.

Are you kidding? Today i look on skill tree. Vinidicta is much better the Vigo!!! Jump drive from the start and other thing. OMG i hate this game.

I think the will be op always

It's really pissesme off. This game is soooooooo sloooooow. Everything is slow. Ships flying slow, missiles flying slow, exp gaining slow, etc. This makes game boring. The lack of dinamics in this game making gamplay boring. I hate that. I know it's beta but i don't this that something will change in final. You just need to open all spec for all ship and then wee will see. For now damnvettes and goddamd cruesers are op. The game is total madness. I play vigo..........OMG i must spend tons of time to gain exp to gain weapon. But how i will do that if all T4 already have this and tearing apart everyting.

So i got Vigo today. This is pice of junk realy. So much time wasted. Can't play this game anymore. Cruiser, vetts op. The game is looking good but gameplay is sucks! Thanks god i don't waste my money for it. The most dumbed this is warp engine is so far away to achive for Vigo. who is working on balance? remove this person!

So i install game again. I think maybe i miss something. But no! Every battle and all the time playing only Tier iV ship. T4 ship kill everything all the time!!!!

Tier III must play only eith tier 3, TIER 4 with TIER 4 etc. It;s immpisible to play when you killed just from one shot.

The visual the game is good but who is responsible for balance? Are you kidding? Do you even play your game? Just play and you will se how hard to play with TIER 3 whip againt TIER 4. So this time i will not uninstall the game but will wait until this madness will continue.

Good luck!