Devs, could you make up your mind already? Downgrading the reward calculation, then reverting it, and now downgrading it again makes me feel played. Today I won a match, scoring near 1.5k and I only got 3k exp for my Harwich. How much worse will that be when I happen to be on a bad day?

Please consider revisiting your plan on how the rewards are calculated. I can't say for sure, but I feel that with this rate of reward a number of new players will possibly interpret it as a blatant scheme to make them buy Elite, and then they will possibly dismiss this game as "pay to win" and just leave, losing you potential customers.

(I know that this game isn't "pay to win" in its core, but "pay to progress faster" is pretty often misinterpreted as such, especially here where the struggles of T3 is real. Been there done that)

EDIT: Had another match and lost. The score was 1061, which even in the further past should fetch a good amount exp. My ship only got 1771 exp...

It's kinda funny that Akula arties have the highest hp pool despite being "A huge cannon with a bridge strapped on the side" while JA arties have small hp pool despite looking properly armored. XD

One thing I notice is that Rapid Fire Mode 3 buffs the damage per shot of Akula arties but slightly nerfs the damage of JA arties. Dunno about Oberon arties since I didn't buy RFM3 thanks to their unique firing method.

Is RFM 4 really as bad as people seem to be talking about? I mean, I saw someone changed their username to "dontbuyrapidfire4"

Murometz Power to Weapon only increases the damage of primary weapon by 20% (5500 to 6600) compared to other arty ships (Even Vucari) which enjoy about 40% or 50% damage increase during PtW. Is this intentional? Why is this one's PtW the only one underwhelming? Does it have something I'm not aware of yet?

On a side note, I always hesitate abbreviating Power to Weapon because whenever I see "PtW" I reflexively think "Pay to Win"

Vasiliy#2624 posted (#post-214858) said:

I'd like more diverse rewards too, scaling with level, as the current leveling system is pointless.

They could also add some sort of daily mission chains that would allow us to get additional bonuses for completing missions on a regular basis, say for 7 days in a row. It would create "customer loyalty".

That's actually a pretty solid idea too.

Do TE contracts still exist in the pool? I've played for quite a while since the interface update and I have never seen TE contract even once since then.

In my opinion, the reward of 1200 cred each is not worth the effort because even without Elite that amount can be earned in one decent match, and you likely need to do more than 3 matches to complete all 3 (4 if Elite), especially if one contract is tied to playing a certain class while another is tied to playing a different class.

I would say to raise the cred reward to about 4-5k, but that's a short term solution since eventually someone will have too much cred on their name and just stop caring about this.

Therefore, I suggest to make a 'reward pool' where a daily contract reward is randomly picked whenever one is completed. The contents of the pool can be something like:

  1. Random amount of cred (3k - 15k for example)

  2. Random amount of Free exp (500 - 5000)

  3. A pittance of GP (say 15-30)

  4. Refresh Battle Bonus of all fleet (Better if this is a consumable so you can pick the right time to use it)

  5. Elite for X amount of matches or X amount of time

  6. Ultra rare chance to receive a cosmetic

  7. Nearly nonexistent chance to receive a Hero Ship

I believe we all know that this is human nature to be drawn into variable rewards, and many games adopt this kind of behavior reward system to maintain player sustenance. The thing is, with the recent lootbox fiasco, I'm not sure how this should be done to avoid trouble. Opinions appreciated.

TL;DR Variable Daily Contract reward to make completing them worth it

Think of it as a "parry" module instead of "blocking" module. It rewards properly timed uses, like how I once laughed at a vindicta plasma-ramming me for 0 damage. (It additively stacks with OB damage reduction, so Engineering 101 is enough to nullify all damage when active)

A little unrelated, but I would like to have a "Set Primary Ship" so that when a latejoin happens and I didn't get to choose a ship, I will be defaulted to that ship. As of now, when it happens I get defaulted to the ship at the leftmost slot of my fleet, and it is a hassle to rearrange fleet with the game's current state.

Every time there is an update, or even a small hotfix like just recently, the launcher forces me to download 10 Gigs of data, which I believe is too large for a hotfix. Does this apply to anyone else?

I normally wouldn't mind that much, but the download server seems to be unstable. My internet speed can download 10 Gigs of data within 1 or 2 hours give and take, but in this case the download can take over one day because sometimes the download just slowed to a crawl or even halted despite my internet working fine.

Is this large download for every update intentional? I sure hope not. Other online games I play or have played only downloads the changes, which keeps the download amount minimal. If this continues some players with rather limited internet might get turned off eventually.

Alright, I'm still not 100% sure, but playing a Legendary Proving Grounds match and scoring high enough (~2000) that only one ship in your fleet gets exp might be the trigger.

I want to see if I can reproduce this bug consistently, but the recent update forces me to redownload the entire game, so it will be a while.

Oh yes, forgot to say that I play the PC version