Hi, sorry for no follow up for a while. I've been busy with a local convention event and also not feeling too well for a while.

BB on CD is also not the trigger since I've had one match with it active but still no progression counted. Also, indeed that sometimes "Complete X battle" also doesn't count.

I'll see if I can find another possible cause

I have experienced several times where my daily contract progression didn't properly count. Just today my contract of "Kill enemy Artilery Cruiser" was at 7/8. Then I played a match and I killed an enemy artilery (Real player. I know bots never count), but when it was over my progression is still at 7/8.

Another contract I had was "Kill Enemy DN" and at the same match I mentioned I killed several real player enemy DN. I didn't track the progression for this one, but I felt that this one also didn't progress.

Some things I can think of that may or may not be the trigger of this bug:
1. Battle bonus was on cooldown on that match
2. I skipped through the result screens (Immediately clicking the Reward tab and spamming space key)

I hope this will be at least looked into.