Er... speed is not maneuverability. Maneuverability is the ability to make drastic changes in direction, it's not the corvette top speed.

Your namesake doesn't launch fighters, yet it still has a hanger. lol

Just treat it as a design. The hanger I see it as a place for shuttles, not fighters.

You want -WTF!!- remember, the Vector arty cruiser has the hanger -between- the arms of the main cannon. I take it that when they say 'Launch the shuttle!' they mean it literally. lol

The spawn and respawn system here needs more work.

Besides the timing problem you mentioned, players respawn on either side of the map instead of 'my side/their side'. This has led to some instances of 'instant pincer' ambush where the newly killed enemies respawn -behind- your forces and proceed to freely shoot your fleet in the back before you notice.

The other side effect of this is people starting the game or respawning surrounded by the enemy fleet. Bye, nice meeting you -BOOM- no more ship in 6 seconds.

They need to fix the spawn points to side so it doesn't keep switching around.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-152099)

You are the dumbest person I've ever met. You know what I was talking about a normal match and a nuke being less than useless if a team is not balling. I'm going to stop talking to you now before your stupidity drags me down to your level and you beat me with experience.

You can use the nuke on a single target too you know, but then someone of your obvious intelligence should know that. Or not. Personally you're so stupid, inflexible and whiny it's a miracle you can tie your own shoelaces.

461 comments and counting, mostly complaints. Joined in May so it's 100 comments per month. Wow you're mouthy.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted [(#post-151846)]

Actually you can see nuke if it is locked on to you for a brief moment at launch. You just can't tell it apart from nuke/tartarus/other missiles

I didn't mean you can't see it launch, I mean you cannot see it spawn from warp directly above you even if you moved if you are the target, primarily because people tend to be looking along the horizon, not directly above them.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-151748)

Can't say I've ever seen that when a nukes been launched at me. I see it fire start to move, then hit warp.

Oh good, no more ball. Problem solved. Next.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-151831)

blah, blah, blah, blah

Let me just put it this way. My opinion of you is '453 comments. Mostly complaints.'

Don't use the new players to try justifying your opinion, you are not the newbie overmind, you don't mindlink with all of them and speak for all of them. Your opinion, while sometimes and somewhat justified is YOUR opinion, not the overall consensus of the whole player group or even the recruit group.

True, removing some speed modules would help, though the range problem is a related but separate issue. The usability of the secondaries feed into the ability to keep corvettes at bay but beyond that, it primarily affects the sheer usability of the secondary weapon to affect all targets, not just corvettes.

For example, you're in a destroyer and are unloading on a dreadnought. Your clip runs dry. A longer range makes it viable to whip out your flak secondaries and try to finish him off instead of being forced to wait for the reload. In FPS terms, it's something like whipping out your pistol to finish someone off. This is even more severe in a tac cruiser where the teslas are your primary means of dealing damage (unless you amp), though the light machine gun secondaries alleviate the problem to a degree.

EagleFire#4595 posted (#post-151705)

My problem so far with dealing with corvettes, is that every weapon type that seems to be made to deal with them is pretty terrible at it. All of the point defense weapons, tesla guns, and flak guns have spitting distance range. I've killed more dreadnoughts so far with my tactical cruisers tesla guns than corvettes because I can't ever get them into range.

BTW it's hilarious to see low health dreadnoughts try to run from a tactical cruiser that's set up as a taser ship.

Totally agree on the range, Had a post up on the exact issue. Recommended to push the range to 900-1.2k bracket for flak, tesla and the corvette beams.

I'd love for some better flight mechanics as well. When I fly my 'platter corvette' (Medusa) for contracts, hitting face first into a wall causes it to spin 180 degrees almost instantly so instead of turning to go around the obstacle, I end up flying back into it. Which then spins me around.... you get the picture. lol So I end up getting stuck in walls or spinning in circles.

FooJub#4039 posted (#post-151704)

What nemo said. Only problem I've had with the jutland technique is my team dying/running, leaving me no escape. If they are truly turtling, run a destroyer (preferably vindicta) with goliath, flechettes, drain pulse and module reset. Run desperate measures, module amp, the engine boost OB and whatever. Idea is, run into their cluster, power to weapons, drop a nuke, drain pulse, detonate nuke after shielding up, reset modules, do the same thing. I find that usually breaks them up real well, and discourages further use.

Ouch, so you were the bast-rd that blew most of my team to scrap. lol.

One of the more memorable matches I had in a Jutland was when another team member jumped in with me as well. Flanked the enemy, we unloaded everything, the enemy tacs had no idea where to run for cover. By the time the enemy team woke up to someone behind them, we were already working on their front line as well.

It's all about tactics. Ship guns do 1000+ dps to the enemy, tacs only heal 600+/-. They focus on one, switch to someone else or drain his energy and blow him up. Lots of methods to drain energy. A healer ball is hardly invincible, just troublesome. Just blew through one in a match before this in fact. 4 healers, 4 other ships. One Tartarus, didn't even lose one ship from my team. A ball go to pieces when things get chaotic.