Oh yeah I wasnt serious, I spent it because I was enjoying it (but maybe that was the great friend experiences more than the game.) That has ended so abruptly it is nuts.

Dont regret the well over a grand I put into digital extremes (Warframe) back in 2013/2014. That game makes me proud of that company even though I havent seriously played it since 2014 (PC version though.) I have gone back just to see how much has changed, and it hasnt just has so much more in it that it is overwhelming even for me who had achieved grandmaster rank 14 (highest at the time) with every suit, and weapon (including all clan weapons) with 4-6 formas in each. I played the heck out of that game and it wss glorious.

2018 started off that same way for me, downloaded Dreadnought not really sure how I would feel...(had seen Botimegaming's couple of dreadnought videos way back)

Mid January I actually started to play and it has been THE game Ive played all year. Minor break for some Farcry 5 coop shenanigans.

A balance needs to be found...cannot have NO skill gap, and squad only queing demands, and buffs/nerfs to make solo play competative with a squad. I stream Dreadnought basically everytime I play...well....before October, not worth trying with bluescreens stopping broadcasting.

I know I have a harsh opinion, more so right now with how things seem to be going, but Im blunt and straight forward. I try to remember to say GG with a win or a loss and try to answer peoples questions ingame or on stream if they are inclined to ask me. I have worried over the new player experience way back in march/april/may with the balence of some things, which by the way a new tier split wont fix things...just relocates the problem. Lotta T4 ships have real doody starting modules just like T3 does.

I cant find myself trying to recomend the PS4 version at all. The focus is STEAM, which is great to finally be on there. But when every update or change is due to PC metagame and such...why bother on PS4. GUI is clearly designed for pc, which is why its so unwieldy on PS4.

The list goes on and on....feel like a socal FGC player giving feedback and Japan only listenin to Japan.

And thank you for you sincere response, quite frankly not expected after my inital post.

Ive read the patch notes and I gotta ask...whats going through the gaming industry lately with being so out of touch with their own community? I ask, because of the parity push, that garbage patch is going to be on PS4 soon.
Also since I downvoted thay patchnotes article I camt post a comment there (real convienent for you guys aint it??) Worry not, Ive brought my vehmence here, now that Im not rushing out the door.

Remember when healing was a problem because energy was to strong on tac ships with energy gen and adrenaline shot? Well you nerfed adrenaline shot into no use, now we nerf all we cant get rid of energy  to  try and burst down either the ship being healed or the tac...Effectively making them energy strong again.

Secondly the same change has made the Vindicta/Brutus a straight ramming ship as its primary guns and poor health pool dont allow it to just slug things out and see which is tougher. Drain was pretty needed on it, especially after making scramble make sense (ya know the inability to use energy thing when scrambled.)

Next up is the buff to triad pods. I agree to this one, they were horrible....for my entire time playing theyve been a waste of a module. But now the real issue, pods in general are its still a waste of a module as any damaging pulse will kill them off. But no addressing of Artillery pods really dont think the 66k effective damage over the life of an arty pod is a bit much? Seriously a Voro health in damage their horrible tiny hit box which makes them way harder than they should be to destroy. I will admit they seem SLIGHTLY easier after command the collosal update to destroy with some ships.

Really needed to nerf stasis pulse huh? Cause no corvette runs after burner (sarcasm....they all basically do, because scrubber module is pointless.)

Aim to be Digital Extremes...not Activision/Blizzard.
Got that new retrofit though...oh, I see where this is going....

Can I just get my $500+ back and call it even?

Well over 500k exp lost in bluescreens now. I know others have posted screenshots of how bad bluescreen waves get. I know sixfoot likely had thanksgiving and black friday off, as a reason for no response anywhere. But what is the plan? Lord help this game if new market items come out before its fixed. And I mean actually fixed..not a patch to address it that does nothing.

No 1 concern for sixfoot should be having a playable game.

Gamatech#6679 posted (#post-233944) said:

Regneir_Plays#2352 posted (#post-233940) said:

">Are you kidding? They gave every last player who played during that period 10 Days Elite Status, 75,000 Credits, and 75,000 Free XP. That's certainly nothing to scoff at."

That was for lost stuff after they "fixed" this issue after re-release. And as far as "nothing to scoff at," the amount of elite status I recieved from the month it was down makes 10 days irrelevant. 75k credits a couple hours gameplay and exp far less time. Scoff st? Its comical....on the level of contract rewards prior to command the colossal.

Your comment is about beginning of the month and does not really apply to this, read before you comment. 75k....what about the 350k+ exp lost due to blue screens now for me? (Yep the numbers gone up because I stupidly continue trying to play.)

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-233936) said:

"well they did compensate players fo the crashes. the fid is supposed to beccomino soon but indont know when."

They compensated a few players for a crash or two after reporting it in the discord. Which is ok very short term, but that isnt how Dreadnought should be intended, and wasnt during the 10 months it was RELEASED on ps4.....people seem to forget that but tjis game hit release status at the beginning of 2018, steam launch should break US.

Just looking at my groups chat, only looking at matches I hadnt been able to get back inro, Ive lost around 300k exp. With double exp I avg 19k -29k a match typically. Compensating by extending double xp next week doesnt help in two ways....
A: Most people return to work if they hadnt today
B: If the crashing isnt addressed snd double exp is extended its still beyond infuriating to play. No one wants to sit there and reload the game a couple times an hour.

They have another patch intended for end of month which will add more things to be potentially broken..they "fixed" crashes two weeks ago and planned to hotfix this week, delayed due to it not being ready.

Appreciate the response though friend

In as few words as possible: incredibly poor.

First I dont quite follow a the reasoning behind a "release" with a massive and clearly poorly tested patch, but then to have that same thing on your other platform. You had a stable, fine looking game prior to October that could have been released on steam, and due to this "need parity" mess, youve broken your ps4 version and seeminly refuse to address the continuous crashing...not "very rarely" as listed in your known issues.

Im lucky to get more than 2 games in without crashing, tends to be worse when squaded as much for fun right? Rather than the obscene amount of elite status i recieved for the month ps4 was down, I would prefer a playable **** game.

"Tossing around the idea of extending double xp due to crashing (that we fail to address)" isnt really a solution for me due to my work schedule. I rarely have this much time off and double exp falling on that was amazing (in theory.)

Deciding to not release a hotfix cause it wasnt ready is a good choice, wish you had made that decision with your command the collosal update.

UI clearly ment for pc. Second hand focus as far as fixing issues. Absolutely sad to see. I have friends who have played a couple hundred more hours than me that wont even touch the game right now and I gotta say....starting to agree with them.

Youve lost your charm....and trying to throw the message out there that "we're blizzard..but before they sold out" isnt comforting.

My point isnt so much me having difficulty. Its the new population and their lack of options against it. Ram is a different story, newer people dont have as hard a time landing shots on a destroyer, nor can it typically sneak all the way up on someone decent. Good corvette wont really be seen till too need for a nuke on it, as a vette main myself for clarity.

Newer folks arnt so great at energy managment if you hadnt noticed.

Speaking for PS4, Assault blink needs a heavy rework. The fledgling player base + Assault blink in its current state will kill the game for most players trying to get into the game. A T4 module that does 15k dmg on ships assuming unprepared defenses.

Several T3 ships with less than or barely more than that in armor. Newer players will have a hard time countering it at all in a wide variety of ships (no disrupt, armor harden etc) and that is assuming they have figured enough out and react quickly. IMO its an extremely boring, cheesy and well over powered module. Id say its fine in T5...but veteran covering such a wide chunk of the population and the frustration you hear in voice comms its too broken. Signifigantly reduce the damage (talking heavy torpedo level) or signifigantly increase cooldown (talking nuke level [2 minutes or almost that for the actual nukes]) or remove it completely.

Also how does it even work? Why doesnt the user explode to...wheres the logic to it. Cool concept, but really doesnt fit.


What timezone and times do you play? Crom pretty much has you covered, but if you play around 10-11pm est you can squad with bhu and myself..we typically have a rotating 3rd party member and will gladly discuss and try and help figure things out with you.

Regneir, on PS4.