DerFliegendeKlostein#9592 posted (#post-223140) said:

I am fairly disappointed in some players around.

As you know, there is a few squads out there that just overpower most of the teams they face.

A typical match of that kind usually ends up with a full squad of lvl. 50 on one side (plus sometimes additional ones) and about one or two of the kind on the opposing side.
The two experienced players on the opposing team usually can't fight their way through "alone" and just score kills on less experienced team members falling behind, if at all.
Some of them just quit (and I understand in this case, even though everybody who knows me, knows my point on quitters).
"Newbies" just get slaughtered like npcs...
You have witnessed it and know what I'm talking about.
So everybody in those matches, except the "death squads" basically just loses to an extend where it isn't fun anymore, since it's not losing to superior skill, luck or anything but team setup.

To some players score differences of like 100:30 might be fun and a rewarding experience - but in my opinion it's just dull and unfair.

I don't care about winning or losing, I don't need xp, credits, or anything - got most of my ships setup - I play for fun. And at some point it becomes, as said, just a disappointment being around in the game.

Fairplay and fun - the latter is inseperable from the first.
I, for example, never join big squads unless there is other squads to deal with.
And I am not the only one following that code.

Maybe you should consider proving yourself in fair combat against equally matched teams instead of just farming, and spoiling the players experiences. There is farming games out there. Reap some crops, feeding the cows - all you want. This one is about action.

Qeue as single players or in two man squads. Just be fair. Be fun.

Others can do it.

This especially goes out to a certain group that roams TDM on veteran for quite a while.

Not meant to be insulting or anything. Just something to consider. If anybody of them reads it.

I completely understand what you're saying but the fact of the matter is that Dreadnought's userbase isn't large enough to solve the problem.
You WILL be matched with higher lvl players, and ones that are in the same group taboot.
I've been playing on and off since the beginning. It's almost always been this way.

I still love Dread, the most recent update annoucement is basically what they promised at the very start s i'm excited to see where they go with it.
Frankly we need more ships within the different corps too.


The launcher says servers are up, but the login screen says they're down, I really wanna play some matches before I have to sleep; what's going on?

Nevermind y'all fixed it.



Same problem, very annoying.

Credit loses need to be reduced or credit gains need to be increases vastly.

I logged in after tonight schedules maintenance and found that all all my credits and GP is now at 0.

Also, I cannot get into a game because "matchmaking canceled by server"

Gyrard#2394 posted (#post-104923)

Servers have already crashed again. You had one job.

You made me chuckle, and so did your Sig.

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-100264)

We are investigating the reported incorrect ratio between Credits Earned and Maintenance Costs. If the issue cannot resolve it server-side, it could require an additional hotfix. We'll keep you updated.

Glad to hear.


It needs some serious adjustments.

At the very least a calculator should be added to the game that makes it so that regardless of how many credits are earned in a losing match the maintenance cost never exceeds that number.

At. The. Very. Lest.

I don't know why this is so hard or the the dev's to understand.

Just add an internal calculator to the game, and make it so that no matter how much you make in a losing match the maintenance cost is NEVER more than credits earned.

I don't care if it equals credits earned, but actually coming up negative from losing is just absurd.

Corran Horn#0411 posted (#post-73991)

Dreadnought Community,

It is with heavy heart I seek signatures for this petition to change the game that we all are so interested in and desire to see released successfully. So here are our points of contention with reasoning and suggestions for change. We are all in agreement that with these changes the old players are highly likely to come back and give the game a second chance and new players will be very unlikely to bail quickly.

  1. Maintenance needs to be revamped completely, we suggest that the maintenance fee for quitting a match be increased to the current legendary fleet cost and all other maintenance fee's removed.

    1a. Many people in the game are commonly the best player on their team, especially when solo queing. However with the increase in slots it is even more difficult for a good player to carry a team. We feel the current system places way too much confidence in teams ability to coordinate well with each other. It's also not fair to make everyone who is putting in the time to play and give feedback have to endure an excessive grind because of maintenance. Side note; it would be nice to have the functionality of being able to rejoin a match after crashing. We are eager to see this brought back soon.

  2. Lack of true freedom in progression needs to become more free, we want a broader selection of classes at the Tier 1 level so we can run the ships we want to run.

    2a. An example: I love my rams, yet to get to the best ships for ramming I have to go through ships that I don't care for in the Oberon tree. Especially the Aions. Players should be able to go back and level up those ships and abilities at their own pace.

  3. With maintenance in play the grind is unbearable to get the ships people want, cost should be reduced so that each next Tier costs no more than 300% (for example, overall community feedback provided here should determine the exact numbers) more of the cost of the previous one. Using the current Tier 1 costs as the baseline. So if a Tier 1 costs 164 the Tier 2 should not cost more than 492

    3a. We do not enjoy having to play an insane amount of matches WITH Elite to get to what we want. Especially with how much harder it can be to score high in a match with so many more enemy players to deal with.

These are our arguments for the changes we want, I speak for the signatories when I say they are the barebones items that are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to continued interest in the game. Consider our list, for the future of the game is in the balance. Most of Dreadnought's most fervent and active players have already called it quits, and the health of a game can always be determined by how many original supporters and followers you are able to retain by the 1 year release anniversary. I fear more will continue to leave the game if change isn't announced very very soon. Your move.

Total Signatories: 69(#144)

Consider me as having signed.