Noone is putting a gun on your head to buy GP or Elite Status,you spend your actual money in game cause

a)you enjoy and like the game

b)you want to support the game developers so the game could continue in the future

Its a f2p title,but i love my shinies and thank god i can afford few euros from time to time for both elite status and everything else i would desire in game.By being still here from alpha testing,i might say i do enjoy the game.

They are only to people who dont know how to fight them,but they can be countered for sure.

Engine rigger maybe?Or navigation expert to consume quite less energy?

Anzaim#0881 posted (#post-148403)

And send them all the files they need.

Then your job is done Captain,now wait till all the data from other players is gathered so a proper fix will be soon enough ready.

SOS-GrimmHammer#8972 posted (#post-148360)

This is also coming from someone who has plenty of hours in the vindicta and brutus, I use the ram daily its not a easy to run module it takes good planning and timing to make successful runs, also a massive risk because there are so many counters to ram, i feel its pretty well balanced

If there was a title for achieving the perfect ramming,"GrimmHammer" should be the name for it.Listen to this man.

@scrote1 All the Captains above,stated the exact ways of countering or at least lowering the possibility of being rammed.Ramming is perfect against distracted targets,and its not that "easy" to use actually.

I am not near my pc right now to confirm it,but as i recall the nuke comes from the left side of your ship first,and depending on the lockated target position,ascend or descend on its way.The trick on using the Goliath is to position yourself whenever u want to launch it,so yes,you have to turn to nuke somebody and not hit yourself on its way.Also all nukes have blast distance,so watch not hitting yourself again in premature detonation(unless you want it ofc,cause maybe an enemy ship with low health is nearby and in blast distance and you will be fast enough to launch the nuke,get your shields on and detonate it?).

Shocknfunk#5058 posted (#post-146568)

I like that we got the ability to customize parts of the ship now. Make options like that in the marketplace just to buy cosmetic parts and I will open my wallet.

Exactly my point,more options for customizations,without sticking to only one options of buying a whole hero ship(ofc u will have to if u want what it wears).

Why there is nothing on "News" section about the new patch?This was posted only on facebook.. smile

I know Sonatine,i am just hungry for more options for my fat fortress.

Btw,i would love to have some individual parts to be available also on the ships,so you could buy them as a solo piece on their own,for example options for different types of bridges,and ofc the hero ships to remain unique as they are now.I would pay for more options,even as tiny differences to customize your ship entirely for your liking.

The other Dreadnought please..The Heavy Dreadnought please..