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Hmm... you ask difficult questions.

Difficult questions are the best questions.

It's good to see there's a decent mix of ship types being chosen. Now, if only I could add a poll to this....

I have a funny feeling we're going to find out the current state of development in the next few days.... PAXEast

....don't I know you from somewhere??

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All I can say is you guys should definitely come by the booth and go to the panel on Saturday :)

Sadly, I'm UK based and unable to afford the flights! Otherwise I'd have been there....

Each ship class has a primary weapon which cannot be changed. Think of it as a signature weapon for that class. Example, the Artillery Cruiser has a Heavy Tesla Cannon is it's primary weapon. This remains in place. However other abilities can be selected. Likewise, the Tactical Cruiser has Medium Beam Turrets in it's primary slot. Other weapons and abilities are changeable.

I can see discussion about preferred and best ship classes going on long into the night.

What's yours and why? To remind you, here's a breakdown:



The Dreadnought can withstand tremendous punishment while dealing significant damage to enemies. Its slow movement and size often make it an obvious target. Shifting power to shields makes Dreadnoughts nearly invincible for a short duration.

  • Primary Weapon > Ballistic Cannons

    Ballistic Cannons offer moderate rates of fire and damage against medium range targets.

  • Primary Ability > Gatling Broadside

    Fires an array of ballistic gatling cannons to the targeted side of the ship.



    The vanguard of an efficient strike group, the Destroyer performs solidly at every level. It is often the first ship into combat and the last ship out. With skillful energy management, the Destroyer can provide a variety of roles for the team.

  • Primary Weapon > Chain Cannon

    Chain Cannons are optimised for medium range encounters and come with a high rate of fire and moderate damage.

  • Primary Ability > Plasma Ram

    Creates an energy field at the bow of the ship dealing massive damage to any target it connects with.



The Corvette class can sneak behind enemy lines to strike at vulnerable support ships. Like all other ships, the Corvette can use energy management to shift power to engines, allowing it to make quick strikes and even quicker getaways.

  • Primary Weapon > Dual Repeaters

    Dual Repeaters offer good accuracy and damage at moderate ranges.

  • Primary Ability > Medium Cloak

    Cloaks your ship for a long duration. The cloak breaks if weapons or abilities are fired.



Artillery Cruisers are the most vulnerable ships in the fleet, but no other can match it's destructive power. Each Artillery Cruiser is equipped with a long-range rail cannon strong enough to destroy enemy armour from miles away. Shift energy to weapons to decimate enemy ships with several well-placed shots.

  • Primary Weapon > Heavy Tesla Cannon

    Heavy Tesla Cannon deals high damage at long ranges with it's high accuracy, but a slow rate of fire.

  • Primary Ability > Rapid Fire Mode

    Redirects all the energy to the main weapon, increasing weapon firing rate but leaving no energy for thrusters.



Tactical Cruisers provide lasting support during prolonged engagements. Repairing friendly armor on the fly, they can quickly turn a losing fight into an overwhelming victory. Tactical Cruisers have little in the way of defense and must be escorted or they will easily be picked off by faster ships.

  • Primary Weapon > Medium Beam Turrets

    Medium Beam Turrets can be used to both repair allies and damage enemies, but with limited efficiency.

  • Primary Ability > Beam Amplifier

    Directs all of your ship's energy to your beam weapon, greatly increasing output for a short time. The energy drain will leave your ship vulnerable.

He's from the future and has developed time-travel?

[Oh, welcome, hello, nice to meet ya]

Any news on what you guys will be showcasing at PAX? More of the same Death Match action or will you be treating us to something else?


I'm Alan and I've been excited about Dreadnought for a long time now. Really good to finally see the official forums launch. It's going to be a great place to share information.

Looking forward to meeting you guys and getting into, eventually, battle against you.