I had to create a new account in order to use the code. That is what you are going to have to do.

I think Graphic novels would be nice. But I love me a good space opera book.

I am 30. It was probably a mix of random or when you actually signed up. When did they post for Alpha sign ups? I don't remember the date they started Alpha Sign ups. That was when I 1st signed up.

My old account I had 2 posts on the forums. I doubt post count is taken into consideration.

Also Fortune's P@wn by Rachel Bach for some reason P@wn is considered a bad word.

I met Orson Scott Card and got him to sign my Enders Game series. Old Mans War by John Scalzi and Forever War by Joe Haldman are books I recommend.

I signed up on another email. I had to make a new account because there was no way to redeem the code on my old account.

I signed up for the alpha/ beta last year. I think that may be why I have gotten a code or just luck of the draw. All I can say is the I am enjoying myself.

This is StoneGullet I just made a new account and I am downloading the launcher. so excited