I'm pretty late to the party on this one but this patch has gone over pretty much exactly how I and many of the other veteran gamers of this community predicted it would. It is a game killer plain and simple. Extreme grinds, pointless tier system, and extra punishment for the losing team. Since when did games become about implementing the most frustrating and un-fun mechanics you could dream up? Anyway thanks for the beta and I'm glad I didn't spend any more of my money contributing to another "World of " clone.

Well this is pretty much what I was thinking from the moment they announced 2.0. They now have to balance 5 different teirs ships, abilities, weapons, movement speeds, modules, recharge times, armor values, shield values etc. This game would have been much better off without tiers and only balancing weapons and ships with lateral progression and adding a healthy vanity cash shop for things like paint, and ship hulls. I guess I will check back later...

You can rebind most of the keys in this game. The only exceptions are controllers and some of the mouse buttons which have to be changed by modifying one of the games files.

Surprised so many people are having trouble with this combo. Corvettes with this setup are extremely easy to kill. They have no evasion or abilities to sneak up on you. Players who sit and turtle and refuse to use their ships engines and targeting systems are the ones who die easy to this noob combo. An experienced player and team is not even going to be phased by this even if it was a full team of corvettes doing this. In fact if you see a lot of corvettes doing this in a match then just move into an open area and laugh as the poor corvettes can't get to you or your team in time to do anything.

Not many people playing right now. Just the hardcore guys who have nothing better to do. The devs seem reluctant to release any info or timeline as to when the next major update is going to hit and a lot of us are already waiting by the exit door to see if this new update is going to worth our time since they are copy and pasting the WoT pay model with the next update.

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What? They do weekly community streams, are active in This forum and in discord. So you want to meet them in Person and talk to them?^^ and what shady shop practices are You talking about? Every Game has these, and they are all just cosmetics/ faster Access to The game

I can't find anywhere on this forum where they announce a weekly stream. I work for a living so lurking on discord is not an option of mine. No I don't want to meet them in person. I want them to actually post some information at the top of this forum in a sticky thread with things like: streaming dates/times and updates on development like a ton of other devs do. I do not have time to browse 5 different forms of social media to figure out what the heck is going on.

I haven't played in over a month now since I have been waiting for 2.0 to hit. The tiny amount of info we do get is very vague and no mentions of when 2.0 will be available and I'm not even asking for an exact date, just some kind of timeline to plan around. I'm about to reach the point of no return if there isn't some kind of info soon.

Forum search is your friend. All of these are already known and have been reported in the bug section of the forums. Also AWB and blast pulse do not even come close to killing a full health dreadnought and we have the math to prove it too. It does need fixing because they both currently ignore shields though. Your best defense though is to shoot the corvette down when you see them trying to line up for this since it leaves them wide open for an easy kill.

Hopefully soon. The new progression system will determine if I stick with this game or drop it for good.

Sorry OP but it does not even come close to killing a full health zmey.