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maximmm#5966 posted (#post-204102) said:

Err... mark my words. Developers will go bankrupt prior to any sort of endgame development.
They've already gone bankrupt once - this is just history repeating itself.

If yer goin' t' post a topic be a lubber and dont beat awround th' bush say what ye mean and dont resort t' trinkin' people into clickin' on yer cowardly post ye scullywag .

I dont be knowin' about all these fancy colors I prefer me ship dark like th' Pearl but if ye all want t' paint yer ships with bright colors be me guest it will just make it easier fer me t' spot and shoot err I mean say hellow t' ye smile .

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Ahoy, Captain Jack! Glad t' 'ave ye wit' us.

Thank ye kind matey it be a pleasure t' be sure and i will look fore t' seein' everyone in game soon .

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Is the cost of the Weapon Booster for the Trafalgar correct (bugged)? It requires 43,500XP to unlock it and who knows how much to purchase it. I just find it a bit off that this upgrade is way out of the usual ballpark figure.

On a side note, why are none of the secondary upgrade weapons purchasable? They all say 'Free' but when I try to buy it, I get the error message "Something went wrong!". It's such a tease and more of a waste of XP.

Finally, do torpedos track their targets? I'm asking because I've had a few 1v1 against a Vette and it seems like their launched torp tracks me, albeit at shallow angles so I can easily avoid it but when I'm in a Vette and fire a torp it looks like it's just going straight. This is in regards to a T2 Corvette I'm asking about.

Blimey 43,500XP thats a bit much fer a poor person like me i guess i will haft t' just stick with me poor guns and do damage that way.

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Matchmarking for Beginners smile 6 friends played at the weekend on my Computer Dreadnought

Hello everyone,

6 friends played at the weekend on my Computer Dreadnought (my Account). I am a Noob.I play Dreadnought 4 Days.

All People like Games as Dreadnought.

We play only Match for Recruit: The result

Waitingtime for 1 Match 20 min and later 3 min this is okay. Is a small limited player base. okay Waiting Time

The greatest joke . 15 from 15 Match we make in the Matchmarking ONLY recruit, an have in all 15 match in the teams Size 3 and 4 Ships?

And in my Team have we three size 1, one size 4 and the rest size 2. That's really fun.

One size 2 ships has so much chance against 4 size 4 ships.

All my friends asks me.that should be fun?

They will never play this game again


i think the best idea for beginner is to time uninstall the game.

A real shame.

Thats a shame ye and yer maties could not have a good time with th' game it looks like th' matchmaker had a little fun with ye but i wouldn't give up its way t' soon t' write this game off there be people joinin' all th' time like me smile so come on back so i can keel-haul all o' ye .

Hellow im Cap'n Jack Sparrow and im lookin' fore ti killin' er i mean playin' with ye all real soon . XD