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An amazing idea from the player perspective perhaps, but not from a business standpoint.

They do have to make money ya-know... and giving away free FP to those who play the most doesn't incentivize them to spend money.

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I think if they moved the modules from 50 all the way down to 35, and then having subsequent levels give off rewards, like FP or GP that would be an amazing idea.

And having a long grind doesn't incentivize players to stick around long enough to consider spending money...

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There's quite a few hackers in the game. I've seen permanently invisible corvettes, that even when they get shot and take damage, still are invisible.

You sure they aren't just using Heavy Cloak? Heavy cloak doesn't break for damage like the medium and light cloak do.

300+ hours is just way too ****ing long to hit max level. When the grind is 4x of LoL, it's ridiculous. This game wants to be competitive with that long of a grind? LMAO.

Cutting the number of levels to 25-35 would be great, The idea of grinding to 50 in closed beta and then DOING IT AGAIN after the wipe makes me just want to quit the game already. It's way too long.


Welp, gg

Healing, doing damage

Based on my match stats, my victories and defeats add up to my # of matches. The only problem is, I've had one draw so there should be either -1 victory or -1 loss.... or the match wasn't counted at all to my match stats. Either way, Draw got recorded as the wrong stat or never recorded at all, instead of counting as +1 match played that wasn't victory or loss.

Can we make kills worth 21 points each instead?

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I think this two ships of the attack power is that it is too poor.

The offensive power is too weak for a Monarch. What is done by this offensive power?

Because it's a defensive ship and nearly unkillable.... If it also had strong offensive power it'd be the most op ship in the game by far.

Got 20+ guns for the primary that the game selects the best 3-4 to shoot from but RIP if we want to shoot a nuke without blowing ourselves up....

UnLimiTeD#2482 posted (#post-29886)

If you have free space it'll just take an extra second to reach it's target.

Idk about you but my gora takes a whole of a lot longer than "an extra second" to turn around.... More like 30 seconds.

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So basically what you're saying is... teams should work to move in a counterclockwise manner so torpedoes don't immediately slam into the ground. Clockwise is out otherwise torpedos launch the wrong way.

Torpedoes home for some time after they got launched, if I get targeted by a nuclear torpedo I do a quick descent hoping they hit an obstacle. They usually get thrown out to the side, then accelerate until max speed/travel a fixed distance and then home in.

They shoot out to the left AND DOWNWARD when they are first launched before homing, and it's not that uncommon for it to smack into the ground within 1km of launching it... I don't care what happens to it after that, but it's ridiculous to have it blow up in our face because the launcher happens to be on the worst side of the ship for the situation instead of using the one on the right instead. The launchers ALREADY VISIBLY EXIST ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SHIP and they're on THE TOP of the ship. Always firing from the left and firing downward at all just doesn't make sense.