Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-279451) said:

I am 100% sure I know more about what is going on than you do.

What is going on?
Why is YouTube channel deleted?

Your opinion means nothing. it's all based on personal hatred. You have no statistics, no objective arguments. Just repeating stuff that you personally don't like doesn't means it's bad.

You are a hater. That's all.

Well , I don't really call it "sugarcoat".

Actually, this all happened because someone claimed he wasn't paid for the job in several months. So he demanded to remove all his videos from YT channel.

And then channel got deleted. Maybe it was him. Or YT copyright policy. Dosent really matters.

I'm just bringing you what actual dn developer said about this whole situation.
Believe it or not - it is truth.

Brother Belial, you have no reason to say "That is not true at all" I dont think you are aware of anything.

Rejecting facts can't help in this situation. You are confusing people.

Regarding Youtube channel and other media silence. A friend from developers contacted me with information about that.

It appeared that former Dreadnought employee messed up all media accounts (twitter, youtube, fb) with changing passwords and made a deletion attempts. Sadly, that's what happened to YT channel.

Restoring access and deleted content can take some time.

Stay tuned

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-279412) said:
Where is your Dev tag then? Your little Greybox icon on the Avatar, your red colored name?

Google "Volunteer" meaning.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279407) said:

can you elaborate on what is coming? and why arent the devs announcing it to try and get people to play?

They are very busy working on a big (REALLY BIG!) update, so I volunteered to help

I know I'm not the person you expect to bring community updates, but at this moment there is a lot stuff to do with much higher priority than official announces.

More people will come. There's no other option after what is going to happen soon

Matt89#7858 posted (#post-279404) said:

Is the game dead?

No, it's not.
The game is actually in better state than it ever was.
Stomp squads are gone, modules are balanced, and servers are pretty stable.
We also get bonus exp and credits on the weekends.

And much more fun stuff are coming! This game is the best!

Vascilios#9709 posted (#post-279382) said:

What is your source? Where do you get your information from?

Hello. My source is verified, but I've been asked not to tell much details about it to the person who isn't positive

Anyway, here's surprise I've been talking about!

Just be positive.
A big surprise is coming!