Just delete Retaliator and Adrenaline Shot. These are very OP and ruin game dynamics. Healing weapons and abilities aswell.

DN should take example from most popular dynamic MMOs, like PUBG, where standing or campering = dead.
Everything else is fine.

Fully agree with TS, all types of healing should be removed from the game. Its dynamics-and-meta breaking.

Play in a squad, so you will have more chances to win.

Once it worked fine, but then was broken after some update, and since then devs ignore it in every update.
You can do nothing about it.

Why everything today is supposed to be "dynamic" in a way that involves a lots of movement and tons of killing and dying?
I actually like current dreadnought gamplay, even if it includes healing and staying as a fleet - its still requires a lot of actions for energy and module management.

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-211207) said:

Yeah, you may perceive it as the symbol of you being the best player in the universe, but it actually just reinforces the fact that MM is broken. Those matches were decided before they even started, and that should never ever happen.

Right, they were decided from the start, because those who play teamplay games as a team, should have a privelege.
Its logical, and i cant see anything wrong about it.

Actually developers always mention obviously broken stuff as a bug, and promise to fix it asap, if its really critical for players.
None of that heard from DN developers. Conclusion - not broken.

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-211201) said:

Remind me, when did abusing the combination of a broken matchmaker and a seriously dwindling playerbase become THE proper way of playing this game?

I just want to remind you that developers never mentioned current matchmaking system is broken, and isnt working as intended.
Until that happens, all your accusations of "abusing the combination of a broken matchmaker and a seriously dwindling playerbase" is just a made up lies.

Still cant see any problem. Nobody forbids you from playing in a group and have a priveleged matchmaking.
If you dont want to - its your problem, not the game, that is supposed to be teamplay, not solo-oriented for your personal comfort.

Just had a winning streak of 20+ matches like that.
and I think its all right, because its my choice to play the game properly. Like your choice is to solo queue.

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-211001) said:
Why doesn't Greybox do something about it, and why does it make 'elitists' rage??**

You cant be "elite" without any low class around doing dirty job (grinding , loosing, and feeding you).
If you store all clans and squads in one class fighting each other - numbers of "elite" players will significantly decrease, aswell as their donations for having comfort gameplay.
Not good for business. Easier to attract a constant flow of newbies with agressive marketing, than trying to keep old players with "fair matchmaking" which is not really helping anyone.