Maintenance costs aren't insane. They're just 500C per ship in your fleet!

Don't you finish every match in first place with 3000 Credits net gain? [/sarcasm]

I removed all ships except one from my "fleet" to not loose Credits in Veteran matches.

Tactical flexibility? ...about as much as a Destroyer can deliver but everything else is too costly.

Maybe I'll see it differently once I got all ships and modules and don't need to spend 50 matches to buy one new module but until then:


BadAlchemy#4871 posted (#post-114339)

There is nothing wrong with the system, its you as a player.

Not being harsh but good play is rewarded appropriately with enough credits. If you cannot do well in a Veteran match then you as the player need more practice and to learn the game better before going back to Veteran matches.

An indication of good play is a score of 1200-2500 a match. If you don't average that you aren't doing well and are hindering your team.

I play exclusively in veteran and have yet to run out of credits for months, especially since they increased credit earning after all the complaints.

I have to disagree with you there.

The problem is not being a bad player, it IS the maintenance system and wanting to be flexible for your team.

I had several matches now scoring in the upper three (last one was first place with 2200 points and 1850 Credits) with a loss of roughly 150 Credits per match.

I looked a bit harder and realized: Tactical flexibility (read: using more than ONE ship in a fleet) is too costly at the moment.

I had four ships in my Vet fleet (Destroyer, Artillery, Tactical and Corvette, all Jupiter Arms T3) and could hardly make any Credits.

Now I tried another match after kicking EVERY ship except the Destroyer and lo and behold: I made 1500 Credits!

The formula right now is roughly: (no. of ships) x 500 = maintenance cost

Since points in a match and Credits are roughly 1 point = 0.8 Credits - if you want more than one ship in your fleet AND earn about 100 Credits you have to make 800 points:

800 points x 0.8C/point = 640C - 500C maintenance fee = 140C earned

And mind you, making 100 Credits per game means that buying an upgrade will take roughly 80 games!

Sure, there are very likely matches were your team can win and you get some more credits and/or you make more than 800 points but seeing that you're quite likely to end up with a TII in a match vs TIV - it's a LOT of time you'll spend waiting for matches to start that will only allow you to get another meager stack of Credits.

And nope, friend of mine tried all that with Elite. It does increase income but not as much as some here seem to think.

Might very well be I'm totally rubbish at this game and do a lot wrong but seriously: blocking players from progress in an FTP game is kicking them in the shin.

And seriously, most free games live from people that want to spend their time in something that is

a) looking good

b) rewarding to play

c) not a total grind

Point a is a go.

Point b is very dependent on your team. If you have a good team you CAN (with a lot of difficulty) win even in a game were you're sporting T2 ships vs T4s. If not? Well, fly around and look at the buildings, see if you can see a person behind one of the windows. You'll be making as much of an impact as if you try to shoot a T4 Dreadnought with your Destroyers T2 guns.

Point c is not. Right now DN is definitely without doubt a grindy game. And I do not have enough free time to sink it into a game that I only enjoy for the visuals because the reward is so low that it just doesn't make me want to stick around.

Totally in for it.

When a battle is over and the ship still looks like it got a fresh coat of paint seconds ago you're either too late or insanely good at evading incoming fire.

The idea of Darkloser with making certain kinds of hit scars a cosmetic sounds ok, too. And that shouldn't be too hard to code, seeing that cosmetics already exist.

He, just when I was thinking "some collectible to stand next to my monitor would be nice" I find this.

The idea of having a CE sonds good to me. And if maybe the statues are sold in store...