How about it?

assault warp & ram = a line extending from bow of a ship that turns red to indicate that there is a ship between warp distance/ramming duration.
nukes = special indicator that shows whether there is a ship(s) within blast radius?

Thank you for fixing the bug that sets game into lower resolution after each restart...however, i am still suffering from getting stuck in infinite loading screen which forces me to restart the game. Maybe next patch? smile

Welcome to America. We keep all the special snowflakes in the universe.

Floating ideas for primary guns...


damage : 6000

range : 5000 km

clip size : 1

reload : 12 sec

Jupiter Arm's dreadnought cannons look big and menacing. Big burst damage by firing all cannons at once but long reload time to keep it balanced.


primary guns are HEAVY PLASMA CANNONS... + 200 blast radius


Oberon line of ships should have superior accuracy with their transhuman technology. Their dreadnought should have same/similar primary gun as their destroyer.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-156613)

I am afraid that this project will fail. There is a bug where the game is taking a load of time to bring you from the map screen to the match. No ship selection, matches sometimes already running.

I am patiently waiting for devs to fix this. Infinite loading screen...only fix is to wait until game ends/alt+f4/restart pc when game stops responding smile

I am having issue with game stuck in infinite loading screen once the matchmaking system find me a game. On top of that, this patch put me into lower resolution by default now smile

Maneuverability rating between Valcour(71) and Stribog(67) isn't far off. Looking at the tech tree...

Valcour(71) > Stribog(67) > Vindicta(53) > Aion(48) > Medusa(40...RIP) = vigo(40) > rest of slowbies.

Once the matchmaking system find me a match, game is stuck in loading screen indefinitely or until match is over. I had this issue before the patch, but now it's 50/50 on first game and close to 90% on game after. And this can only be fixed when i restart my window... Looks like I can't play at all until next patch comes around smile

Oberon's corvettes are "odd". Corvettes rely on speed and agility, yet oberon corvettes feel like flying drunk. More health than light corvette, however it's also the slowest corvette by far margin making it a lot easier to hit than other corvettes. You can fire 360 degree, but bullets travel slower than other corvettes, slower fire rate and does least damage compare to other corvettes. If you can look past all that, it's still a corvette and going to rock t2~t3 ships.

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There already is a T3 Jupiter Arms tactical cruiser; it's called the Palos. LOLOLOLOL

brainfart. i mean t2 version of palos smile