I dont know about you but from now on for me ill go with the smaller the size of the ship the better odds you have for not getting a hit registered to your ship. To h_ll with how good the looks of your ship get with higher tiers.

It used to be you could change your modules to the previous tier ship modules you have researched. Now your just stuck with whatever the default modules setup are offered. That was not mentioned at all in the patch notes.

Can you please bring back the old style setup, cause whenever I get my first tier 5 ship and im stuck with whatever it has as a default, thats going to be one boring grind. And this game is already a long enough grind as it is.

I have actually gotten over the novelty of Glass Cannon and have since removed it off all the ships that used it and replaced it with Destruction Cascade.

Been playing for just over 3 months and here are my favorite Briefings that fit my play style. Id like to know your top 5 and why you use them.

1.Retaliator- Frontline ships that take constant damage should get this one to reduce the cooldowns on your modules after you fire up your shields.

2.Engine Rigger- Unlike Glass Cannon that has an equal positive and negative value to it. This gives you a 25% overall boost to your speed if you use your energy constantly to get into position or if you dont use speed booster modules on your ship.

3.Glass Cannon- If you just like to sit back and do damage with an Artillery Cruiser. The advantages outweigh the negatives but it only applies if you dont get constantly mauled by Corvettes which happens alot if your not carefull. But if they are smart and deal even a little damage to you with consistency, pass on this one. Ive also used it for my Corvettes to just melt Tac Cruisers or Artillery Cruisers and fly out quickly. Or even some Destroyers and Dreadnoughts when the right circumstances present themselves to you.

4.Destruction Casscade- If you dont like or use Glass cannon. This one applies once you get a kill and you have multiple targets in your range. This one is perfect for you.

5.Get on my Good Side- This mainly applies to Dreadnoughts. This pair's perfectly with the Armor Amplifier. After you use this module and you use your energy afterwards to reduce the damage taken. It makes sense to get it.

I know it might be an oversight that some are as good a shot that lead thier targets and get very high percentage of hits that lead to a kill. But i also know that there are hacks that autoaim for them to give them those kills. Can you look at those accounts with statistical knowledge that just defy the normal means to justify thier results?
I mean the american fighter manufacturers figured this out this problem with math to give thier flyers in the 60's an advantage over Korea to get kills.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-225160) said:

If you have Armor Amp IV and slow and steady, you have 100% damage resistance while armor amp is up.

Thx good to know.

Since ive gainged more experience with the game ive come to notice that the problem isnt with shots not registering. The dreadnoughts im shooting at then activate thier armor amplifier and what little damage i then do isnt popping up with the damage notification. But the shots are registering.

lol just found out that fraps uses too much hd space and i will find another way to do this.

any suggestions?

I am also having this problem, i primarily play the JA tac cruiser line and seem to only get this problem with tac cruisers. I will install fraps and will post the matchs where it happens to help resolve the issue.

Thank you for the link.