Dobra sugestia, dodałem do listy.

Na razie nie mogę powiedzieć nic więcej. Ale powinno przypaść Wam to do gustu smile

Nie do końca jestem developerem, bardziej community managerem.

Liczby będą dodane, to jedna z rzeczy, która pojawi się w grze niedługo.

Polonizacja... możliwe smile

Tak, kolory celowników odzwierciedlają zasięg, także warto brać to pod uwagę (szczególnie przy lataniu korwetami).

W tej chwili nie można grać w misje treningowe w kilka osób, ale pracujemy nad trybem, w którym będzie można walczyć z komputerem.

Witamy w naszej społeczności smile

That comparison is very... interesting? smile

Welcome fellow Pole smile

Update 1.5.0 drops on March 23rd. Check out the full patch notes here and let us know what you think!

I don't think that's a question for a Narrative Designer smile

Hello Captains!

We have a new project brewing, but to bring it to fruition we need your help. Yes, your help.

We will be starting a video interview series that will see one of the developers answering around ten questions. The kicker is – YOU ask these questions (and that’s why we need your help). You can ask about almost anything: what’s the day-to-day life at the studio, what does the creative process for the chosen dev look like, what’s their favorite part of the game, etc.

Because the topic of lore is becoming more and more popular among you, we’ve decided that our first guest will be the person responsible for the story elements of Dreadnought. Ladies and gentlemen, please post your questions for Barb, our Lead Narrative Designer.

We will pick the most interesting questions and get her to answer them on camera. Just a few small rules for this project:

Please no questions about the lore itself. These will be answered in due time and on different channels (for example – you won't get an answer to "Who are the Transhumans" but you could ask "How are we gonna learn more about the Transhumans" smile ).

Play nice and stay civilized.

We'll be collecting questions until the 31st of March.

Once the questions have been collected, we'll use them to record the interview, publish it on Youtube and, of course, link the video here.

We're looking forward to reading your questions!