Could you please contact our Customer Support and describe those graphical issues to them? They might be able to help you.

I can say with most certainty that there will be no more account resets. Everything that you unlock will stay with you for ever.

Here's the changes that have been made to the manufacturer (not ship) descriptions:

Jupiter Arms


"Fighting for a brighter tomorrow."

Jupiter Arms battleships are the cutting edge of humanity’s battlefield technology. Built to be flexible to support differing needs, vital to the success of any warship's mission, Jupiter Arms technology is unmatched in its versatility. Jupiter Arms battleships are chiefly generalists. Compared to Akula Vektor, they are faster, whereas the super high tech of Oberon leaves them far behind on speed. Their armor is lighter than Akula Vektor armor, but much more robust than Oberon's.


"Everything Is A Nail. All You Need Is A Hammer"

"JUPITER ARMS" is based in the Jovian system and was the first Megacorp to consolidate its place in the military-industrial complex of the Pan Colonial Commonwealth. Run by unsophisticated, fearless and utilitarian warriors, it is the evolution of the Pan American Federation which became a security corporation long before the Great Solar War. The most openly militant of the Megacorps, it was their veto that triggered the War.

Akula Vektor


“Outguns and Outlasts.”

Akula Vektor battleships are the workhorses of the battlefield. Built to last, these ships are generally the most resilient of all the manufacturers.The key characteristic of Akula Vektor battleships is durability. Slower than Jupiter Arms and Oberon, they excel at taking a beating. Their armor is generally hard, making them excellent damage-absorbers on the battlefield.


"Keep Calm And Love The Bomb"

"AKULA VEKTOR" was the second of the "Big Three" Megacorps to rise to power in the PCC. Historically a Eurasian workers' cooperative aiming to create a worldly utopia, it quickly became corrupt in the run up to the Great Solar War, morphing from an idealistic developer of dual-use technology to a full-blown military defense manufacturer. Headquartered in the Cronian System, "sleek" is the keyword for Akula - Both their political tactics and their ships are smooth on the surface but brutal in effect.



“Helping the Future Return”

Oberon battleships are very sleek and give the impression of being magical. Built using reverse-engineered technology from Transhumans, these ships are generally the fastest and lightest ships on the battlefield.The key characteristic of Oberon battleships is maneuverability. Faster than Jupiter Arms and Akula Vektor, they excel at bobbing and weaving. Their armor is generally light, however, making them delicate speedsters - hard to hit, but if they do get hit, they quickly succumb.

"Peace through Strength"

"OBERON" was the last Megacorp to rise to a position of strong political influence in the PCC. A class of "warrior business monks", they were originally a religious order that followed the Transhumans to the colonial frontiers. After the outbreak of the Great Solar War, they began attempts at reverse-engineering any Transhuman tech they could get their hands on. Unable to fully comprehend the tech, they transferred their spiritualism into a worship of technology. Their main temple and HQ is in the Uranian system.

UPDATE 6:24 PM CST: We will be experiencing intermittent website/forum downtime while our site is updated.

UPDATE 6:15 PM CST: Game servers are live!

Later today, Dreadnought will be going into extended server maintenance from 2 PM CST to 7 PM CST / 9 PM - 2 AM CET. This back-end server maintenance is intended to update our architecture for the upcoming Open Beta update, arriving in the near future.

We also expect that this update to fix the ongoing server issue.

Our in-game Dreadnought server will be down until completion. Thank you captains for you patience! We will update everyone via Twitter and Discord, as well as this news post, when game servers are back online.

Full patch notes can be found here.


Miło by było gdybyście się ujawnili, może się to przydać w przyszłości smile

We restarted all of the servers this weekend (because of the progress reset), so everything should be working ok now. If you still can't get into a game please contact me under

No, you don't need a VPN to play Dreadnought.

Hello s1203544961,

first of all I am very sorry that the game did not work for you.

I have 3 questions that might help us with solving your problem:

1. When you hit the "Play" button do you get an error message or does nothing happen?

2. Is this the account with which you bought the game?

3. I know that this question might sound a bit stupid, but does your PC have the minimum specs needed for Dreadnought to run?

Thanks for your answers.