The game is in the worst shape it has ever been.

Tons of bugs still here from before closed beta. Tons of new game breaking bugs.

Balancing has been completely thrown out the window with severe nerfs to ships that didn't need them along with nerfs to officer briefings that has made them useless.

AI Bots have been added to the game, to speed up que times and give the illusion that there is lots of people playing. Truth is people are leaving faster then they are joining. The AI Bots are so bad, that if you get to many bots on your team, its a complete loss.

Game crashes constantly, worst then it ever has, sending you back to the hangar to pay maintenance constantly.

Discussions on the forums about many of these issues, are being locked by DN_OompaLoompa in hopes of hiding the problems from potential new customers.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Obliviondoll still pops in from time to time but for the most part, he has given up hope, that Dreadnought will ever be anything worth playing again.

obturator#3628 posted (#post-120632)

It would be interesting if we have more modules to equip on T1/T2 ships especially the utility ones such as disruption pulse, proximity mines, stasis ammo, evasive maneuver, immelmann maneuver, machine gun turrets, plasma ram, tractor beam pod, sentry catapult, jackal torpedo, energy missile, emergency evac, repair drone.

Sorry I've listed most of the modules I wanted to try out.

What do you guys think?

I think you should just move on to the higher tiers. Recruit is for babies.

So in other words, do your job for you and you will pay 5 people the equivalent of $30 bucks? Currency that can only be used for your services?

Can we get some free Wonka Bars to? I know you got the hookup on those.

Can we get paid to actually do something productive? Like balancing and bug fixes? I have no doubt that the community could do a better job at this point.

HellFire401#9582 posted (#post-119760)

i found a way around the MM problem. Slot a single tier 1 ship in your Recruit fleet. As long as the tier 1 ship is slotted the game will only match you with Recruit matches regardless of whether the tier 1 ship is played or not.

This only works for noobs, get up beyond the 3 million XP mark and it don't matter if your whole fleet is filled with tier 1, you will still get pulled into veteran matches.

Aersdri#5059 posted (#post-120527)

And in the meantime, ethereum hits $100 USD each smile

Hey there, Kathryn!

Not sure what was the purpose of that reply (especially in the vette cry-thread). But, anyways: "Taunt resisted. Target failed to AGGRO".

Cheers! smile

Just pointing out the fact that my $150K USD turned into over $1.5M USD. Its just funny, last time we spoke you was arguing with me about crypto when Ethereum was only $12 bucks a coin, look at it today! I called that one right and it hasn't even hit the moon yet.

Whats the point? The point is easy! Listening to anything you have to say is Pointless!

Thank you, these files should come standard with the game.

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-120365)

The Auto-Repair-Beams of the Tacticals targeting AI is acting weird as it often targets ships at max HP while ships close to death nearby get no green loving.

I would really appreciate giving them a better target selection AI, so you can, especially on the Jupiter Arms Tactical, contribute with the main-weapon.


I was going to mention this but figured it would just fall on deaf ears anyway.

Aersdri#5059 posted (#post-120318)


especially if he has heavy cloak.

I do not run heavy cloak, as I consider it rather boring ability. But in fact, if I did, it would be much easier for you to kill me, because of 50% reduced damage resistance.

And than they still easily can doing their rogue job with killing arties, soloists and/or half-hp targets, but "Vetteclass" going to be more skillable and less annoying.

If they overnerf them even a tiny bit, vettes will be absolute garbage.

It's pretty much a fate of every "rogue" class in every game. There almost no middle ground - they are either OP, or they suck.

Honestly, against a team that knows what it's doing it's already a VERY questionable choice. While dread or destroyer are always welcomed.


You are the kind of player who thinks that he is the best and everybody else is a useless spoiled newbie that cries all the time. We are not horrible players we are just casual players who play for fun and not because we want to satisfy our egos by calling all the others horrible players.

How the do you know what kind of player I am? Did I ever mentioned myself superior? No. Did I say the game is fine? No.

If someone is complaining about something for a long time, while people offer this person solutions that WORK REALLY GOOD - and this person simply ignores them and continues complaining... Don't you think there's something wrong with this person?

If this is about the game, that would be a pretty serious argument to call such person a bad player.

And in the meantime, ethereum hits $100 USD each smile

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-120456)

Havoc Mode will be a timed-exclusive on PlayStation 4, and we have some awesome content coming to Dreadnought that will appear first on PC too.

And everyone wonders why this game is going to shlt. Development is obviously spread to thin since apparently they are designing two different games now.

Grim_sheeper#4509 posted (#post-120418)

I have done it before but its been so long i forgot. Can someone please tell me?

There is really no point, they won't listen to it anyway. Unless of course its another way to suck more money away from us. They might consider a idea like that.