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Do the ships look black to you guys? For some reason, most of the ships now are completely black---as in, I can't make out any detail on them. Maybe because I'm on an IPS monitor (which tend to have deeper blacks than TN panels)....


Definitely on my monitor most of the ships looks dark in the hangar window. Also they look very dark when starting a match & selecting ships for battle. i7 with RADEON™ RX 480 Graphics Card

Nevis {Corvette}

Last night I try to get game going under "Legendary" good luck with that smile give up after 15 minutes. On a side note this is expected, its beta right?

On a positive side servers are stable so thats that on a side note maintenance fees are well not sure whats that. On a side note I'm also proposing to add a daily credit just for login to the game, usually this motivates people to join the game.

Interesting idea and would be a nice break from the pew pew.

The other day I was actually looking at it wondering if this would work - now I definite know - thanks!

Definitely need more info about ships & modules and I'm happy this is coming online soon.

That's a great news and it will definitely help out with the Captains path smile

I just checked my account in game and there it is.

Good luck and keep us informed.

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Why i do not get a credits?

When the server is back try to re-enter game, sometimes credits are put back.