The problem is that you usually have the choice between going in solo and hoping that people follow, and standing in the healer-dread wall forever.

If you go in solo, you die. If you stay in the blob, the game is incredibly boring. People want a game where they can do things and feel smart. Stuff like flanking, backstabbing single people, sneaking up on someone and ambushing them. That has nothing to do with you being OP and being able to kill everyone. It means being able to actually make decisions which have consequences. Playing good and being rewarded.

In the turtle modes, the game just doesn't work that way. You blob up, and you get rewarded for not doing anything interesting. Just hang about. Shoot stuff. Wait for the enemy to do interesting stuff, because that interesting stuff makes them die, and then you win.

To me, dreadnought is at its best when people are split up, and there are fights all over the place. You can still cooperate. But cooperation doesn't only come in the very unequal flavours of "stick around a healing blob" and "convince your whole team to do the right thing simultaneously in a perfectly choreographed action to break the blob. Also hope they actually have the modules necessary to do so". One of these two is easy to perform with a random group of players, the other is not.

But mostly, i just don't see what healing actually adds to the game. Being a healer is boring as sin (And i am a person that usually has an affinity for healer classes). You hide behind some wall, and press 2 and 3 on cooldown. You can also use your guns if you want to, but that isn't that necessary. Press shields when you hear the nuke sound. And being in a game with lots of healers is also boring, because nothing dies.

Also, the censorship filter on this forum is rather annoying. The same spammer manages to spam with the same stuff every day for weeks, but i am not allowed to use the opposite of heaven in a sentence. Weird american religious sensibilities.

TE is obviously designed to be a competitive gamemode for organizsed teams. And it might be fun with those. I don't know. However, when this gamemode is applied to a random matchmaking system like in this game, it is just not very fun. There are a few major problems with this gamemode:

1) The time you spend losing and during which none of what you do matter is way to large. Rather often, you have a situation where one team is down two players and is obviously going to lose, but the game still takes forever. If you are on the losing team, you just can't do anything useful during this time. You can shoot at enemies, but because they will not die, it does not matter. You also don't get any rewards for doing this. Meanwhile, in Onslaught, you could spend that time killing stuff and getting rewards at the end of the game, even if you lose. Same for Deathmatch, you can pick off some random guys and get a few kills. But in TE, you just hang around, kind of go through the motions, and eventually lose while getting the same amount of points you would have gotten if you had just surrendered.

2) Time spent in Fighter Jets. Fighters are not fun. They have puny guns which don't do anything and even look anemic when being fired. It is like being a mosquito. You can slightly poke the guys in real ships, but it is pointless in 95% of the cases. And who would want to play mosquito simulator. I have spent all this time unlocking cool ships with the modules i like, i don't want to fly around in a tiny fighter without weapons.

3) The amazingly long, sluggish two blob standoff. Due to 2, nobody wants to take any risks. Because you don't only risk dying and putting your team back by a small bit, you risk dying and having to fly around in a fighter jet for 10 minutes while everyone else is still playing the game. So everyone blobs up with dreads and healers, shoot at each other, and nothing happens. Yes, you can break this. With an organized team. But with a random team you usually die if you try something smart, and have to be a fighter jet.

4) The gamemode simply doesn't work very well with people leaving and entering on the fly. Which isn't a problem in organized group play, but it is very much a problem in unorganized random play.

5) Due to all of the above, the gamemode is way less fun if you are in the losing team (And barely fun when you are winning), when compared to something like Onslaught. And since games are mostly decided by matchmaking as opposed to your individual actions, that is a big problem.

All of this wouldn't be a big problem if the time waiting for games wouldn't suddenly increase by 5-10 minutes if you don't click "Any".

And you have a basic set of officer briefings. They should be at the bottom right of your screen when you choose your T3 ship. T2 and below never get officer briefings.

Yes, that may all be true.

However, it is still the fact that most TE games (And a lot of Deathmatch games, too) play out this way:

Two teams consisting of dreads and healers hang out behind a ridge each, and shoot each other. Everyone who is not a dread or a healer eventually dies when they are out of position or get hit with a nuke at a bad time. The team which has less of those dead people usually wins at that point, but sometimes it continues until someone gets bored, tries to flank the enemy team, and dies, or 1-2 healers on one team die to lucky nukes.

Eventually one team has such a numerical advantage that they can move in on the enemy fort and kill them with superior numbers.

I find this to be exceedingly boring. Basically the only gamemode that does not lead to this formula is Onslaught, because there are non-player objectives on the map, and thus just turtling and killing more enemy players than they kill of yours is not enough to win.

I do not know a good solution to this, but i think that toning down healing and giving the tac cruiser other, non-healing ways of support may be a good way to do this. Things like the destroyer Weapon Amp pulse, purge and status stuff, and similar ideas might help.

It seems to me that this game might be better without a healing class, or by having healing only be a small part of what the tac does. Turn it into a buff/debuff/control ship.

Why can't you? Dreadnought has full key customization in the options menu.

The cone on the side is actually pretty big. The main part, however, is putting your mouse cursor over the guy you want to broadside. If the small broadside icon on his ship is green, that means that the broadside can hit him (And will target him). This is true for all modules.

Important with regards to the "Missiles never do anything" is terrain. Missiles don't path smartly. They go up, and then straight towards the target. If something is in the way, they hit that instead. So if you just randomly fire them across half the map, the only thing you achieve is that the target goes to cover for a few seconds while the missiles run into a wall.

And if you are below something, they just ram the thing on top of you.

So you have to think about how you can use your missiles in a way that actually hits the target.

FooJub#4039 posted (#post-140649)

It shouldn't be taking that long to get past wtf ya doing lol

The problem with this is that if someone has no fun at T2, they just stop playing the game. Yes, it doesn't take that long to get past T2, but if you are not having fun, why would you wait that long to stop playing the game? There are loads of other games out there.

Sorry, but your math is way off.

3*3 =/= 27

Yeah. It basically makes this forum nearly unusable. I have not seen any other forum that has a spam problem on this scale for so long. And it all seems to be that one bot that really likes black magic and / or love magic.