How do I find the challenge. Is it automatic? I don't see it anywhere on the hanger page.

I really like the updates on the game. Definite improvement. When I read these forums, I was thinking the game was going to be ruined by all these mines and what not, talk. Surprisingly, it is very much improved. I find it easier to play the class III/IV games than the class II. Is it just me? Probably so... I was wondering if there is any way to use the class I ships XP and ships I just don't fly no matter how much tried, (like corvettes) I have waisted money on, to use on ship I would rather improve?

I felt the same way(Kicking myself I didn't know about it earlier). It took me a month and a half to find this forum. I found this game by scrolling through you tube. Awsome game. Started with it in December. This is fun. sometimes aggrevating when all I do is die.