Not sure if this has been brought up or not, but several games allow players to create a social group often called a clan. What if Dreadnought allowed players to create their own fleets, with their own fleet coatings and symbols ? Could even add different fleet uniforms to the game other than the default "Standard Issue" suit.

Would anyone else like a bigger squad size than 3 ? I have several friends now that are all playing and sometimes it's difficult to decide on who to game with.

I'm curious as to how exactly the vanity items work. No, I don't mean the ones for your Captain, I'm referring to the ones for your ship. ship coatings, Ship patterns, Emblems, and Ship Figure heads. Here are my questions.

1- Are these items unlocked (bought) once for all ships you own ?


2- Must these items be unlocked (bought) for each ship you wish to install them on ?

DN_VAQSeeN#4882 posted (#post-129621)

Hi Arcavia and AP514!

If you both are still experiencing crashing after the patch and hotfix, our customer support team would like to help you with these issues. When you have the time, please send a support ticket with the following information:

- Your issue

- A clear description of the issue, when/where it occurs, and how often it occurs

- A copy of your DxDiag and MSINFO

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How does that help those of us on PS4 that are also experiencing that same exact issue. Crashing before or during a match and then not being able to select a ship when put into a random match upon logging back into the game ?

I myself have been rammed so for those that say it doesn't happen ... lucky you. I've also been on the end of players just up and quitting when the team they are on is behind. They'd rather jump ship (pun intended) than stay on a losing team.

The teams also need better balancing. If you're playing on a "Recruit" match, there should be no reason what so ever that you should have to face someone in a Tier IV or Tier V ship. That is not balanced game play.

20 minutes after the server maintenance supposedly concluded and the game won't connect to the server and crashes when I try again.