they used to allow this and had it displayed on the kill screen etc

but as you pointed out this risks abuse, and they opted to disable the feature because of it.

they said in the last livestream that they didnt want to add it again because they'd have to add filters to the names

FISTER ROBOTO#2889 posted (#post-153905)

Just played a game where I was heals- didn't die, followed around a Tier IV Blud all match. I kept this Blud up through a TON of damage, all fight long, like CRAZY. I got 800 points at the end of the match. 800.

Scoring is off by something like a factor of 5. The amount I healed would have netted me 2.5k+ points before, and like 8-9k xp after elite bonus. This game? I got just shy of 4k

Your hotfix did jack. YOU NEED TO REVERT TO 1.9.

you're confusing score gained with exp gained

they only said exp was wrong, and they 'fixed' that

they never said scoring was unintended

it's normal for the launcher to crash like that, all you can do is close it and restart it.

support cant help you, they know about it but well: 'cant' fix it :p

SorainRavenshaw#1173 posted (#post-148767)

Vlad5Maxed#6595 posted (#post-148691)

Guys please make game mode selection as checkboxes. So I can say can select Death match or Team Elimination.

Right now it is really hard to join Team Elimination because it is required people specifically selecting it. Most people don't read what's new.

Second on that idea. Having to pick a specific mode or hit 'any' seems silly to me when a simple checkbox system lets you tailor the matchmaking to your wants effectively. Heck if that applied to fleet division (Rookie, vet, legend) too it'd likely speed up matchmaking. Then again I don't know the mechanics of how matchmaking works on the server side.

now i'm annoyed, when i post that suggestion and try to get others to reply to support it and get more dev attention to it> nobody bothered to reply (other then lupus).

and here you are all asking for it grmbl

sigh dont you guys ever realise the obvious smile

in onslaught the MATCH score goes up based on ship/fighter/command ship kills

however the PLAYER score goes up based on participating in these kills

say 2 people both shoot at a command ship > both will likely get full score for this, but the match score only goes up once

same goes for captain kills etc, also you get 500 match score for killing a command ship, you only get arround 320? personal score for doing so.

in 1.9 they 'might' have messed player scoring a bit, but the match scoring is the same. so you're just wrong and there's no problem with the scoreboard smile

System goal

  1. Give people a way to queue up :p

  2. people want to feel in control

Current implementation problems

  • lack of control over your queue

  • no clear indication on what you do/dont queue for when queueing any (like proving grounds and potentialy pve modes in the future)

  • lack of scaling options (when adding pve modes we’d need seperate ‘ALL’ options for pve/pvp

  • players queue for ANY but leave the match if it’s TE (they dont want to be limited to only 1 mode, but also dont want TE with randoms)

  • users like queueing for the same match types over and over again, but current system doesnt remember settings.

New System Core

  • each gamemode selection is a checkbox rather then a unique option

  • allow multiple gamemodes to be selected so users can chose what they do (do not) want to queue up for

  • make the game store your queue preference (last gametype options) so they dont queue the wrong mode by accident

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-147135)

I only played a couple of T5 matches as a T4 (tip: your legendary fleet will get matched mostly against veteran if all of it is T4 ships). Here are what I picked up:

- You don't move in T5 matches, or more accurate, you can't. Tartarus, stasis and drain everywhere. Thus, having 7k range is a big advantage, just need to watch out for nuke and shield up

- Next to no vettes in T5, like someone said, no pilots are crazy enough to fly a soft ball into a group of fully prepared ships. Arty has no natural enemies there.

- Yes you need a lot of extra health. Everyone run nuke or focus fire

in the patch this week (1.9) your legendary fleet will ALWAYS be matched vs other legendary players, you wont be able to see veteran players in legendary queue's anymore

the problem is appearly that you research(buy) the t2/3ship before you research the other extra modules

since 'buying' those higher tier ships gives you the modules for those ships> it shows the modules as researched and makes the ship 'look' fully researched and bugs the carreer progression

Gravemind#3712 posted (#post-146579)

my game keeps crashing while its loading FAER THE CUTSCENES AT THE BEGINNING oops forgot the caps wason

if the cutscenes arent working then chances are you probably dont have windows media player installed (some windows versions dont have it installed by default).

check if you have it installed (just click start and type in 'windows media player' to see if it's there :p)

if you dont have it:

you have to manually install the 'media feature pack' from the microsoft website > note theres like 3+ different packs and only one actually installs media player, the others throw no error but do nothing (stupid microsoft)

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-145200)

Keep a T1 in your recruit fleet so that you don't meet with veteran folks. Once you have enough game play experience to dive into veteran, you won't be seeing corvette as a problem

he never complained about tiers :p

even in pure recruit matches a good corvete can easely take out multiple targets if he knows what he's doing (especially if it's a squad of 3corvettes having some fun sealclubbing recruits in a squad with voice chat)