A ship with a fighting chance; But alas, nothing is saved from the clutches of "balancing".

My condolences to those who wast... spent 4,000GP on it.

obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-91858)

Are those "vital changes" taking the feedback of over 200 players who have responded to this poll?

Because pressing forward with a model that's favoured by less than 10% of the community as a good option is the exact opposite of taking player feedback into account.


I, for one, use them to deal damage whilst the main guns reload.

Well, I give up for now.

Maybe in a weeks' time we won't be having these problems.


20% Gameplay

10% Graphics

70% Waiting on Queue

Oh boy, here we go again with the servers going down smile

I would like to introduce myself here.


I have incredibly high hopes for this game. I hope it's as good to play as it looks.

See you captains out in the field, soon.