OP is Tier 3, of course a lot of things seem unbalanced. After Tier 4, it will improve.

Atm having a lot of success with Aion + feedback loop + emergency evac. Can't heal as well as a koshei, but I don't depend on my team to stay alive thanks to energy management and that evac.

Layinout: it still does not address the issue. I will use a simple T4 example:

Start with a Harwitch built for anti corvette....turns out the enemy team hardly uses vettes. Instead they have dreads/arties/destros. Anticipating this, you also brought an Aion as off-healer + anti nuke + surge drones. Sadly, they use mostly missiles, rams, and disruption modules. And you are on the Mars map, with massive canyons and huge distances between allies.

"Ah, but you should have better thought out your scenarios" one might say, however it comes down to RNG. The probability of your single loadout on a given ship being adequate for the map + enemy composition.

In terms of practical gameplay, 1 Ship = 1 build doesn't work.

Obliviondoll: Yes, that is very true. Players may have a preference in terms of ship-type, and want depth to customize their experience with that given ship. A medusa player might hate the gameplay of a stribog. Keeping on your nox example: it is a complete opposite to the onager (sp).

Let us not forget one of the big "selling points" put forward in this game: the ability to customize your ships. Pre-2.0 delivered.

Exactly Waylander, at this point, for a game of this type to be successful, it needs to offer:

  • End-game depth

  • Competitive scene

For these two to exist, you can't have RNG-based match making. I.e. "pick your single loadout before going into battle, and hope it will suit the situation". Simple example: loading up on nukes + slow moving missiles, and having to play the Saturn map.

While T1-T3 should not be neglected, the game opens at T4.

I now have Voronezh fully researched, can we have multiple loadouts please? Not much point sitting on all those modules >_<

It is only a matter of time before people fully research multiple ships, and as the player base grows, it will extend to multiple T5. Are they to be outfitted with only 1 possible build per battle?

Missed last week-end, but will hopefully make it to some T5 games in a few days!

Having a ship with multiple loadouts just ads versatility without deterring from ship diversity. It isn't about the ship, it's about the usefulness of a kit, on a given ship.

At this point, I have almost all T4 modules unlocked for the Vornoezh, and I can easily think of 3 different kits to bring along. This doesn't deter me from doing the same with my other ships.

Once a player reaches the higher tiers of T4 combat (as in, many ships equipped with full T4), they will realize having 2 kosheis does not guarantee a win (assuming you even get them).

If they keep being disabled/getting wrecked over and over again, you lose.

The best ship to protect the healers is the Harwitch. Loadup on anti-nukes, mines, boosters, etc. and go vet/light destro hunting. As mentioned earlier though, the biggest issue is the lack of rewards for doing so.

At the end of the day, the point is still to win. Which won't happen, if your healers keep getting demolished because no one can counter: purge nukes, starlings, vet runs, vindicta rams, nuke torps, flashoint torps, the list goes on.

It's a TACTICAL cruiser, and the lack of healing means you can bring a dose of utility which other healers would not chose. The fact you can't heal isn't a hindrance, thanks to:

  • Mines & pods. Drain mines will leave a vet defenseless. Tesla pods make quick work of even medium destros.

  • Blast pulse. Demolishes vets at best, causes them to flee at worst.

  • Repair drones. Passively heal your squishy allies, while hunting for threats. Not bad.

  • Tractor beam pod. Lock a vet/destro in place, have your allies focus them.

The Palos, like all T3 ships, is just the stepping stone to T4, where the proper modules appear. Nuke mines, surge drones, drain drones (insidious little bastards), anit-nuke lasers (the day you face someone with a purge nuke, you will be glad to have them), arti pods (for long range DPS), the list goes on.

The real weakness of the Palos/Harwitch, is the lack of "points" you get for bringing CC + utility to the table, so you may not be properly rewarded for the impact you have on the game.

Ah excellent, was wondering if anyone got into T5 games...3 days with my Zmey, 30mn queue times later...nothing smile