I played early on as well. This game filled a lot of my free time prior to progression 2.0. I bought a $40 founders pack the day they came out. After a few days of 2.0 I gave up on it and started logging in once a week to check the forums for some hope that the devs will start reading the forums themselves and fix this mess they have made of a game with so much potential. Now I think I am down to once every 2-4 weeks and losing hope. Someone should set up a pre 2.0 build on a private server so we can play the fun version of Dreadnought while the devs jerk themselves off to the post 2.0 abortion. I would be less irritated if I hadn't paid money for this. I paid for a different game and now it's ruined with no hope of fun or a refund.

+1 Signed

Not that I think this will get anything done. I was in Alpha and later paid $40 for a founders pack because I loved the game and wanted some of the other perks. That said, I have never in two decades of gaming seen developers ruin a game this quickly. I have seen games take a wrong turn but they usually take the advice of the community and get back on track. Greybox took a great game, completely derailed it and continues to ignore the community. I never could have imagined at the beginning that the folks who turned out such a fantastic concept could come up with this abortion of an update and then double down.

Greybox, I don't need you to explain to me why I should be having fun. If you have to explain why I should like your game you are doing it wrong. Before 2.0 I was explaining to other people why they should join up because I loved it. Now I am telling people not to waste their time. Stop trying to market your garbage and refine the game we were telling people about (pre 2,0).

See Y'all in a couple weeks for my regular hopeful check-in to see if the developers have finally removed their heads from between their cheeks.

Its got to be worth something that this thread has gotten so many replies so quickly. Can't you see Greybox? People care. They just want the good game back.

I hate every facet of the power tiers but I would come back to the game if we could at least see that the devs are listening to the community and implementing these basic changes. In fact I would consider coming back if the devs would just post something saying that they understand and they are working on the changes we are asking for instead of posting stupid interviews explaining how their vision is what we should want and we are just not understanding how awesome it is.

I understand that they need to make money. I happily gave Greybox $40 before the patch for a package to support the game and pick up some Beta keys for friends I wanted to play with but for now they will never get another dime of my money or minute of my time in-game until they start listening to the community. Now I just stroll the forums once or twice a week hoping to see a change.

Just a thought here but maybe instead of going double or nothing the devs could put together a survey? Maybe a vote? Maybe we could just run pre 2.0 for a week and see what the player base looks like then switch back to 2.0 and see if there is a change in metrics like total players, total hours played etc. Please do anything other than trying to explain why we should be having fun and why it's going to be even more fun after you finish fixing a whole bunch of stuff that nobody cares about. Isn't there someone in charge of the budget here? How is it possible that people are still being paid to work on a system that the community clearly isn't into?

Just a thought here but does anyone remember the surveys? Back when the servers only came online for a few hours or days at a time we used to get a survey after each session with questions about what worked and what didn't. Reading through the forums it's clear that there are strong feelings about the new progression but nobody seems certain how many players actually feel good or bad about it. Why not run another email survey and get an idea how the community really feels? This might even catch up with people that have left the game.

That says it perfectly. The gameplay at it's core is still by far the best on the market but the new progression and economic systems have removed the fun.

Please remember that part of Beta testing is getting peoples opinions. Belittling people for having strong opinions either for or against the new system by explaining that the game is in Beta and they need to deal with it is not productive.

Generally Beta testers don't pay for the game while they are testing. We can call this Beta because it's still in development but lets be honest, a lot of us bought packages and the new update includes options to purchase credits in game. I feel perfectly justified in voicing my opinion about the game given the fact that I purchased a package the week they were announced because my experiences so far had been amazing. Even if we suspend the knowledge that people are paying for the game, Beta testers have a right and a responsibility to give gameplay feedback. If the gameplay is terrible why wouldn't we bring it up? Further why would we have forums if the devs didn't want our feedback? People are trying to point out that even though the old progression system was linear and simple, the progression was fun. Now it's convoluted, complex and not fun. Once the bugs are out, the game should be above all else, fun. In it's current state it's not fun and suggesting that more players will fix this problem doesn't make a lot of sense to me. More players will discover the same thing the rest of us are seeing right now. It's not fun.