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My problem is staying alive long enough in arty for my team to react due to its squishy nature. An arty is nice target to shoot (I focus on artys too, they die so easily smile )

Went 1v2 against a pair of corvettes in my Svarog once... turned them into scrap metal before returning to shooting the enemy team. Had someone tell me not to play sniper, until they checked and saw my score was 13-1, at which point they said "Nvm, carry on." >_>

As to the topic, my Cattaro and Aion fairly regularly scrap just about any corvette they encounter; I often even go hunting in them. I've also yet to encounter a corvette that can kill my Koschei (barring the bugged ABW+BP build) before my team kills them. Sure, corvettes are pretty powerful against ships which shoot bullets; but tacs shoot hit-scan beams, and don't need to lead their shots. This makes tacs pretty much the hard counter to corvettes (if built correctly).

This makes the tact the easiest counter to corvettes (if the user is not blind). FTFY.

That happens alot. I can not count the amount of times, I find myself playing before a corvette stealths right up to be to blast at point blank range. Usually i use the tag warp to get to the nearest ally but sometimes I find myself trapped behind a wall and cant get vision on an ally. Thats why you have to move around. I have watched corvettes tear apart a dreadnought if they get the chance.

They just need to add more modules to the Tactical cruiser. Make it so it can be used for many more things besides being a healer. Perhaps add it so that the main weapon can be swapped out of something different, and add more pods. The pods are the cruisers main focus. If they are place right, it can change a battle very quickly in favor of your team.

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guess I won't play again until 2017

see you then!

what, you don't want a beta tester?

The Nox has some usable customization at the moment, but I think that is from owning the hero ship.

They just need to do some reworking. The Cattaro really should be a heavy variant of the Tactical Cruisers instead of the Koschei. With the Cattaro being more attack orientated, it needs more armor as well as a stronger beam. I know that tactical Cruisers are supposed to be behind line working ships, so make it so I stop getting killed by a stinking VALCOUR every time I am trying to work. smile Very fun game to play.

Another thing about healers in this game is that they really shouldn't be considered healers so much as a Tactical Cruiser as they serve more purpose then just healing allies. Even one ship in the Tactical Cruiser, can't heal other ships. The Cattaro can't heal other ships with its main gun but it provides other abilities. But one thing about the cruiser is that they can place pods down at chock points to really harm enemies. Placing a tractor pod at a chock point while also a tesla pod really can damage enemies quick before you clean them up with a laser.