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-A long time ago, at the beginning of time. The Great Dev Team formed from the void three gods.

Fast, small, a cannon made of glass, the first was a corvette, gifted to it was a powerful Warp with the ability to kill ships as it was activated. It was said that this warp could kill even the toughest of ships in a single blink of its drives. Thus dubbing him the God of Slice.

Agile, powerful, the second was a destroyer. Light it may of been, but it was gifted with the Ram, which gave the destroyer the ability to crush and lame all that lay in its path. It was said that the Ram could crack a planet. Thus dubbing him the God of Ram.

Slow, heavy, tough. The last created was a Dreadnought, gifted with the power of Tank. Armor that would last for days and weapons that could fire for hours at a time. It was said that not even a heart of a star could melt its armor. thus dubbing him the Immortal Dreadnought.

Each god was given a domain to watch over and play in, and all was well. Each ship made their domains their own, each tailored to the ships they made and abilities they had.

Until jealousy began to settle in. Each ship coveting what the others had, the powers, the armor, the speed. Soon all three were building armies and met in the void between their domains to fight.

The battle lasted for ages. Ships on all sides threw themselves to their death with reckless abandon, serving their gods as the three slaughtered the other troops, trying to get to each other so they may take what had been gifted to their others.

When the battle was winding down, only the battered remains of ships and the three gods faced off against each other, did the Great Dev Team take notice and thus declared them unbalanced. For their sins in their abuse of their powers, they would form the universe and be trapped in the star system to be named Sol, nerfed and unable to use their powers to their full potential.

The Great Dev team made the patch and thus all three Gods faded from memory, going from real to myth, their powers claimed as exaggerated and OP.


Many years past in the Sol system and they gave rise to the Humans and Transhumans. The war between the two was brutal and even being mere child's tale, the gods of olde still lived and the creativity of war and need to invent gave them strength.

Not enough though. Still trapped in nerfhell by the Great Dev Team, each god reached out after the war to find their champions.

The God of Slice picked a human known only as Randy MaBoB. Coming to him in a vision after he definitely didn't eat too much food at the local Scumbelt diner, the God of Slice spoke to him, telling him of his power and gifting his corvette an assault warp and filling his mind with the knowledge to use it properly. The God of Slice made him his champion, to spread the cause of the Great Slice.

The God of Ram found his champion in one called Grimmhammer. Coming to him after he had been streaming for too long, the god then spoke, assuring he was not an energy drink induced illusion. Giving unto him the beautiful Vindicta and its various rams, the god told him to purge, plasma, ram and kill everything possible, and gave him the insanity streak to do it. The God of Ram made him his champion and told him to spread the world of the Glorious Ram, by any means possible.

The Immortal Dreadnought, however did not find a single champion. Coming to the clan of Battlegroup Valkyrie led by one named Stalker after an insanity run battles, it told them of his cause and his tactics. Plesantly surprised to find that the BGV already had a move jokingly named after his legend, he told them to spread the work of it. The BGV formed a church around him and pray for his blessings before battles. The Immortal Dreadnought had gained a following of its own champions.

Now the god ships are still weak, but with every battle grow stronger as they face off against their enemies, preparing to come back into the universe when the Great Dev teams breaks something next update.

(I got really bored and wrote this. please enjoy.)

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Hello DN forums, I'm a fairly advid player of DN and honestly love the game even if some matches make me want to smash my screen in. Which means I want to express my love my mocking Dreadnought lovingly through an unofficial CAH expanison/deck.

I need help expanding the deck with both black and white cards and hopefully one day the Dreadnought deck can stand alone and not need to be tacked onto another deck.

This is what I have so far. Its all SFW:


William sat back in his command chair of his Otranto, scrolling through various job listings and reports. These days that list was topped with a warning and link to an ever-growing page of disappearances. He wasn't taking it lightly, but with his tactical cruiser manned by his faithful friend Harvey, he felt little fear, he knew his friend was at him back and he would always be ready to charge to the defense of his healer when needed.

"Got a message for you. Its Harvey."

William sat back and took the call, watching the man's face appear on a screen. "Whats up Harvey?" He asked, feeling no need to be formal with the man who'd pulled his ship out of the fire many times.

"Just wanted to tell you that I'm going to go going out soon. Got a bit of a job." The man replied.

"Alone?" William asked. "Is that a good idea?"

"The man is a good friend of mine, so the crew and I are willing to do it dirt cheap for him. If you are worried about those disappearances, I get it, but I'm headed out near the Red Sands battlefield. Most of those MIA are out system a bit."

"I don't know... what if you get jumped by someone?" Willliam asked.

Harvey shrugged. "I got weapons and auto-repair."

William frowned. "How about I go with you anyways?"

Harvey frowned at that, looking a little distracted. "Its not much money to split, I'm just doing this as a favor..." He paused. "Give me a moment, let me check something." He cut the com call and William waited.

A few minutes later Harvey was back with a grin on his face. "The man doesn't mind! says he'll even give me a bit more money, but it still ain't a lot. So he just want a scout of some of the canyons out there, heard that there was some good scrap to be had, but no one wants to go check for the amount of money he has. So unless there's already some powerful vultures there, we should be fine."

"Lets lets spin up the warpdrive and get this party started!" William said dramatically, pulling a laugh from his friend and the bridge crew, motioning to his officers to prepare the ship for a jump to Mars.


It was nighttime on Mars, the dark canyon walls rising up around them as the destroyer hovered protectively above the tactical cruiser skimming down near the ground, taking in detailed records of the bits and pieces of debris they were finding. Nothing big yet. If something had died out here after a battle, it wouldn't be very well known, most people didn't want to put the effort in scavenging off a planet, not enough room to flee if someone comes down on you from above.

William watched his officers working while keeping an eye on the visual of his tac cruiser.

"Picking up some strange readings ahead. hard to make out what it is." His tactical officer said as she adjusted her sensors. "Kind of faint, might be other vultures, but the canyon walls are bugging out my readings."

"Keep an eye on it." He answered, watching as Harvey's ship pivoted and ran around a corner. "Helm, keep up with him!"

Two different 'ayes' answered him and the destroyer surged forward to follow, swinging around the corner to follow and protect the tactical cruiser.

"Holy..." Someone murmured quietly.

It was the first remains they'd found. A Jutland and a Zmey, both dead on the canyon floor, the Jutland seeming balanced precariously atop the Zmey. Even in the dark shadows, it was easy to see where fire from battle damage had burnt and warped even the toughest of hulls.

"Where's Harvey?" William asked after a moment.

"He's not on my sensors." Tactical said.

"Communications can't raise him either." The man sitting there with his headset on piped up. "Just getting some sort of encrypted message, haven't seen this type before."

"Look a tactical cruiser can't just disappear, it isn't a cloaking ship." He said as studied the information available to him. "Com, can you at least track the direction of that message? Perhaps we'll find the tacnapper there There has to be something."

The man nodded and doubled down on his console. "North, under the arch of rock."

"Thats a dead Nox." Tactical corrected as the ship swung in that direction and passed under the dead ship. "I'm getting a lot more return now, a lot of debris and sensor clutter, no wonder scavengers haven't been here yet. I'm readying the guns, just in case."

William nodded, watching his crew get to work on trying to locate their tactical cruiser and his friend. He watched the ship pass another wreckage, a pile of corvettes and bombers, and then a destroyer fused with what was left of some poor dreadnought, two artilleries rammed into the walls of the canyon like some strange art installation. It was extremely unsettling to see as most of the positions had to be impossible to achieve by mere chance.

"SIR! Look up head in the clearing!"

William looked at the visual and in the darkness, right in the middle of the clearing, floated Harvey's tactical cruiser, the Ceres was unharmed.

"Thank god." William breathed a sigh of relief. "Raise him for me please." He waited until Harvey's face appeared on his screen, the man looked at him blankly through the screen. "What the heck do you think you're doing scaring me like that!?"

"...Did you follow His words?" The man said and William felt a stab of confusion. "To here, to this place?"

William looked at the visuals of his surroundings and felt his face drain of blood. Piles upon piles of ships may at the bottom of this clearing, some still clearly smoking from recent death.

"Okay your buddy is going to need to do his own scavenging, this ain't right Harvey, lets warp out of here."

"Yes I brought Him a gift."

The line was delivered by Harvey, but the private link had changed to a general channel. He watched as from the shadows tactical cruisers of all types slunk out to surround him, like rats eyeing their next meal. William probably would of laughed at this had it not been so weird, and even if tactical cruisers weren't high damage, enough of them around each other could make them impossible to kill.

The tactical officer looked up at him. "I've got 27 of them on screen, the sensor fog beyond that I can't tell if more are hiding." She whispered.

"Okay Harvey, jokes over." William said. "I'm leaving and you're coming with me."

"HAIL." Came the cacophony voices over the channel and he made a cutting motion to the communications section and the man threw his hands up in confusion. He couldn't close it. "HAIL. PRAISE HIM."

"This is getting old, helm, get us out of here." William snapped.

"Can't! Warpdrive is getting gummed up, it won't jump us out!"

"Oh Great Savior, Our Protector, Our Sword, Our Life, accept this gift so that we may bask in your eternal light!" Someone chanted over the channel over the various continuing to cry 'PRAISE HIM', getting louder and louder as the Otranto's crew tried to make sense of what was happening.

Then silence.

"Praise be unto Him, the Immortal Dreadnought."

An alarm shrilled in warning.


A dreadnought warped in in front of the destroyer, old and massive, the ship had obviously seen its share of battles. He wasn't even sure what type it was, and right now it didn't matter.

"Helm get us out of here now." William snapped.

The destroyer surged forward and up to clear the walls of the canyon, over the dreadnought. As it passed the dreadnought it unloaded everything into the old ship except the nuke, they were too close for that. He felt his ship rumble as the shields took their first hits and that uncloseable channel was filled with unintelligible screams as the dreadnought turned slowly to pursue. Not even a scratch. The swarm of tactical cruisers was faster and were already flowing over the walls of the canyons like vermin after him. The ship launched its first salvo of torpedoes into one of the pursuers and it didn't do anything, the light of their healing painting the swarm in lime green light and a spider web of lines that moved and flowed like a creature of its own.

"make us disappear helm!" William said as watched his shield gauge begin to blink red in warning. The ship nose dived down into a canyon, twisted around a corner, brushing the ground like it had wheels. "Kill everything that has power."

"But Sir we..."

"I Said KILL IT."

The ship's power died and it came to rest under a small arch. This probably wouldn't work, but they needed to get away from the swarm. One or two they could deal with, not 20+.

"Alright what the f..."

"Not now." William cut the man off. "Helm, see about getting the warp up, com try to burn a message through the sensor clutter, we need some help."

"Aye Sir."


Hours felt like days as they sat there, trying to get a call out for help or repair the mysteriously broken warp while shutting down and going quiet whenever a tactical cruiser flew over. They hadn't been spotted, yet. The rocks were beginning to gain shades of red, speaking of a close approaching day. Either they would be stuck here till help stumbled over them, or they move somewhere with less jamming. Risky, but they could not sit here forever.

"Alright, take us up carefully." William said, watching as the Otranto rose out of the canyon and above the arch. He was about to command full speed ahead, get them out of here.

"So that's where you were. Nice hiding spot."

William looked down in surprise at Harvey's grinning face and William knew him well, that wasn't a smile he'd ever seen on his face before. "I will hurt you next time I see you, pulling a prank like that. Don't do stuff like that to me, you'll get us both killed!" William sighed. "Can you at least lift the jamming or whatever you're using so I can warp out of here and we can go get a beer?"

"Do you praise His name? Bask in the light of His glory and grace?"Harvey said the smile growing wider as the tactical cruiser moving closer, almost touching noses with the destroyer. "His word is no laughing matter, you are a gift, what is given is taken." Harvey paused looking out with the blank expression again. "Praise be unto Him, the Immortal Dreadnought."

"PRAISE HIM!!!" the scream near deafening as tactical cruisers began to surge up out of the canyons around him and surround him, bathing his ship in harsh whitish purple beams, burning away the hull layer by layer. "PRAISE HIM!!""PRAISE HIM!""PRAISE HIM""PRAISE PRAISE PRAISEPRAISEPRAISEPRAISEPRAISEPRAISEPRAISEPRAISE" the chanting continued as the destroyer attempted to push through the swarm, the destroyers weapons doing nothing to the tactical cruisers around it all the while damage warnings blared at the crew as their ship began to fall apart.

Then silence, the purple beams disappearing. The swarm parted.

The dreadnought was here, its broadside aimed at the weakened Otranto. William gripped the arms of his chair, staring with hatred, fear, and confusion at it. "Launch the nuke." He said, it was their only hope, and even this close, he wasn't getting out of here alive. Least he could do was hurt it before he went down. "It was a pleasure to fight with you all."

Both ships fired, and then the dreadnought turned away from the expanding ball of flames that had once been a destroyer, its swarm of tactical cruisers close behind, and nuclear hellfire exploded around it.

It emerged unbothered and its tactical cruisers gathered around it, murmuring their praises while their healing beams smoothed over their god, to await the next gift for Him.

Praise Be Unto Him, the Immortal Dreadnought

Hello and I'm glad to be a part of Dreadnought. I am Admiral StarNight.

Decided to stop by and say high before diving headfirst into the forums. Dreadnought is one of the best sci-fi games I've played in a while, and while it still has a few rough edges (its closed beta, of course it has rough edges) its a game i adore.

Also I like writing things, so a story may or may not pop up on the forums somewhere. smile

~Admiral StarNight