I would swap out 2 things on the menu.

  1. Chat
    Could you guys be so kind to leave the chatbox open at start of the game. and make closing it optional. Why? because everytime someone talks to you you will never notice it unless you personaly open that chatbox. So it would be simpler to give it a closing option then keeping it closed.

  2. Squad invites
    Same thing here at the top of the menu screen you have the notification box. Either make it pop open when you recieve a invite so it stands more out. Or make it closable by the user itself instead of beeing closed at the start.

As a game designer myself i know this only takes like 15 min literally to swap this over.

Pointing out one thing.. Its a game where you can talk and communicate with other people .. If squads are your problem? Why not find some friends to group up with and wreck some hulls up in space aswell? You even can talk to thows that you play against and ask if you can fly with them ...!!!?! Why am i saying this? because i'm always flying in a squad of 2. And we make proudly kills between 7 to 15 kills avarage, in best cases i'm above 15 to 20 kills. Never did anyone ask me dude can i fly with you.. And i would gladly take you up in my team and learn you some tricks what would help you guys out alot !! But by just flying alone all by your selfs makes you weaker then groups at any time.

Grz +evil+

Hi all, to start with.. This is probebly a bug/glitch , but still its an amazing side effect if your tired of the main menu. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the video.


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I'm +evil+Godlike, some of you might know me other probably won't.. But those that know me, know me probably from inside the game SC. (that most of us left) I have over 4000+ flying hours in that game, commanded dozen of squadrons of pilots as well as in my own clan as in others. I'm starting up GoD in this game so skilled pilots can group up and start playing this game a bit more competitive!! Maybe in the future we could host some events or tournament.. Through Bloodshed. By Bloodlust. For Victory.

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