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I was wondering if it might be possible to enable a sort of skirimish mode while queueing up players.

Similar to the way Overwatch works, people in queue, enter a skirmish game mode where they can play on a game map without a full team while queueing for matchmaker, when enough people join, the match finalizes and starts.

Is it possible? Could be fun, and make the 15 minute waits much more entertaining.

I think PVE could be AMAZING in this game.

Think of it, There are so many possibilities!

You could have a Starbase Assault game, where your crack team of 5 must take down a heavily armed installation.

You could have an air support mission, where your DN's are supporting a ground based assault force against enemy ground and air forces.

We're all at Sinly bay right? How about a supply raiding mission, where the transport ships need to be hi-jacked.

Also, you could make some of the modules in the game better suited toward AI missions, like fighters, and bombers (that seem utterly pointless in the current meta).

Territory capture games, like you're current working on could be vs AI fairly easily as well.

Isn't it funny how everyone complains when they hit t3. About how they feel it's unfair, unfun, and grindy to progress through?

It just seems to me that we need overlapping teirs for each level to fix this issue. Should be easy to implement.

  • 1-2 recruit (no maintenance cost - easy progression)

  • 2-3 veteran (light maintenance cost - introduction to maintenance, but keep it light, easy progression)

  • 3-4 heroic (regular maintenance costs - losing costs more credits than earned, wins earn more)

  • 4-5 legendary (regular maintenance, large rewards, - needs something more than just modules in t5 to really draw people in. Needs a leader board, community recognition awards, perhaps even pre-built clan style teams only.)

Fleets must have ships that ONLY include that teir (no t1's or t4's allowed in a veteran fleet). Matches must only match in that teir. If people want to progress a lower or higher teir ship, they must change teirs.

IMPORTANT: Make it mandatory for a player to have two ships in a fleet to join that rank.

so a player with a t2 and t3, must play veteran,

when he earns a t4, he can then form a Heroic fleet if he likes, but to get to legendary, he must have at least two t4's or a t4, and a t5.

I anticipate, what you'll see with this system, is people advancing into new teirs with ships that have been mostly unlocked. Also, I think matches with t2's and t3's only will be pretty fun to play.

What think you all?

When the majority of players in the game agree that your MatchMaker is terrible. Maybe it's time to look into that.

Squads of 8 or even better 6 (yes, a smaller number of ships for pre-made teams) should be allowed, in a different match bracket for pre-made teams only.

In game finding of other players should be MUCH MUCH EASIER. Right now, finding and talking and grouping with other players is a terrible experience. The in-game communications clients are awful.

I totally agree with Atomik above, it's high time we stopped swing t2 and t1 in veteran matches.

The OP said in his post "just unlocked my Ceres", well that explains why he thinks it's boring. T4 Tacs are quite fun, very multi-dimensional, and sometimes super frustrating to play (like when your dn's are too thick headed to protect your fine healerness. :-0 )

Love TC's, would love for the DEV team to reset Koschei hps to pre 1.5.0b patch, leave all other changes to the koschei ;-) kk thx.


Split the teirs completely:

- Recruit fleet = t1 and t2 ONLY

- Veteran Fleet = t3 and t4 ONly

- Legendary Fleet = T5 only

Make each fleet require a minimum of two ships from each teir to form except for Legendary.


Alternatively split teirs as follows

- Recruit t1 & t2

- Veteran t2 and t3

- Elite t3 and t4

- Legendary t4 and t5

Make each fleet require a minimum of two ships from each teir to form except for Legendary.

Rewards and maintenance to scale upward with each level.

make playing Veteran matches almost all gainful. ie, low maintenance costs at veteran, so as to make it fun and easy to hit t4. Scale up the speed of reaching t4 by about 50% through increased credit and exp gains.

It'd be pretty great if they made the money go a little farther.

I've spent about 70$ on the game so far, the vast majority of which I used to get credits to buy ships with. I'm willing to pay for elite status, sort of like a 10$ a month subscription fee. But otherwise...I dunno.

I really wish free exp conversion was much much lower cost. I think it might go a long way to speeding up people leveling. Lowering the cost on that would be a nice move by the dev team. As it stands right now, it costs $15 for 60k exp. Now mind you, this is exp, that was earned, with play time, in a ship, usually helping others level. so, on top of earning it, you now want me to pay 15$ cash to get the boost.....seriously, it might be worth it if it cost a LOT less. Why not let people exp up, with a low cost option? it will make the game more fun, and lowering the entry point for it will generate more money in the long run. People want value for their money. lets say it cost $1 dollar to convert 100k exp. I know that I'd spend that $1. But 1$ for 4k exp is just not worth it.

Simply put, there isn't enough reward for spending real money on the game as of yet. I'm happy to spend a little here and there on something that's really great and enjoyable, but so far, there's been nights where matchmaker took 30+ minutes, where I've been stripped of about 25k credits by getting bounced back to the Hangar after queuing, where I buy a module, only to find out it doesn't work anywhere close to correctly (micro nukes on the Lorica), no to mention games where half my team is t1's and t2's against someone who has a fully unlocked t4 kiling machine with all of the best officer briefings.

Some nights, this game is frankly super discouraging. And yet, it has so much potential. It's just too bad the developers don't seem to contribute to the discussion on the forums regarding our complaints.

Small community, dwindling player base, horrible mid-game experience for newish players going into veteran as they get stomped over and over, I'm sad to say, but the future of this game is on shaky ground in my book.

And yet, I do love the game, otherwise I wouldn't take the time to write. I just wish it was better. The core ideas are solid. The gameplay is pretty strong. It just feels like the Devs either have their hands tied, or don't understand that the cost of things like credits, and elite status, and free exp is just too high.

I'd recommend you get on the DreadNought Discord Server and get to know some people.

When I first started this game I felt much the same as you do now. But I joined the Discord Server and started learning things that are critical to know about gameplay.

Most of the great players are also friendly, and willing to give you tips and even play a few games with ya.