To snip in here as well, I think Mech Warrior Online did that?

I didn't play it for a long while due to the dev team being a bunch of censored, but I think way back when they planned two modes.

What it failed at while I was still interested was players;

Dreadnought would need enough players to reliably get games of both types up without obnoxious wait, though people who are interested in a more complex damage model will probably be willing to wait a little longer.

Well, some people like games where you have to think between shooting.

It's that whole mechwarrior facination where you can shoot off the weapon arm:

It allows a multitude of extra options, where instead of going for the kill, you can try crippling the enemy, exposing yourself less and potentially lessening return fire if you weren't able to end it quickly anyways;

It also makes people take new risks to get that better positioning to attack a weakpoint.

In short, it makes games more interesting.

At the cost of making them harder to learn and to balance, which is why it's suggested as an optional feature for a later time.

It's always cheering to see dedicated support players, there's so few of them. :)

Hi. :P

Bit of Info 'bout yours truly:

I'm from Germany, currently studying Computer Science, though I do have a few years of professional experience as a Game Designer.

I'm mainly looking forward to a slow paced game for once, haven't had something like this in a long while.

Wouldn't that require an additional balancing, though?

All for it, but adding additional strengths and weaknesses that vary within play might require the base values to be edited specifically for that mode (which would probably be the only one I'd play :D).

Extreme example:

A fast corvette specialized in evasion and ambush, with very low hull, might die to a single broadside, as such never suffering from a dynamic damage model. At the same time, being able to deal more damage to specific parts of a target that the Corvette can, by it's very nature, pick at will, improves offense.

As such, that ship would have to be nerved to not unbalance this gamemode, but only in that gamemode.

So (hi everyone) basically take from TF2? ^^