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You have to factor in the circumstances.

In this game, the camera is actually about 200 meters removed from the "character".

So sometimes, you can aim at something that your ship can't, hitting the ground.

And, just like in reality you would set the sights on a gun for a specific distance, here you have to decide where your ship is actually supposed to aim, as otherwise the intersection distance between the fire arc and camera aim would have to be set somewhere, possible causing fire to go the wrong direction.

As such, the Aim feature in zoom snaps to a target, giving the algorithm a distance to work with. It has to work around ships, as you could't lead a moving target otherwise, and as such will sometimes pick the wrong target.

It has some weird sideeffects, like being unable to properly hit a corvette hugging you with flak unless you zoom, but overall, it works as intended.

It's deactivated on snipers, but their zoom is strong enough that your camera is practically aligned with the gun, which is probably sighted for 7km anyways.

From what I've gathered from the Alpha players that actually looked around ( I didn't), the Transhumans might or might not have originated as bio-engineered "humans" to settle space, then decided to revolt, then some ways later things went downhill.

Result seems to be the transhumans fled into the asteroid belts and the pan colonials just can't be bothered to fight themselves, so that's what we do, though on what side remains rather nebulous. I agree it would be a nice background for some more engaging contracts.

Shortened forum version:

The Art of Artillery

A short guide (for the full version, the PDF is linked above).

The Artillery Cruiser. Large guns strapped to engines. Death from afar.

Generally seen as powerful, but fragile, they are often misunderstood, and struggle to find a role in very mobile or very static battles.

In case you’re new, I recommend this thread for starters:

The Ships

There’s three of em, like all the classes.


The lightest of the class, and first available to unlock.

15000 hitpoints, 2500 Dmg, 1667 Dps while the magazine lasts, decent mobility.

It’s unique selling point is the 360° firing arc and the 10 round magazine. It plays somewhat like a light, long range destroyer, albeit a very fragile one. It’s easier to learn than other artillery cruisers, but it doesn’t actually help you learn for the others, either. If you’re strapped for FP, and you really like the Trader Svarog, consider saving up instead.

There's some more insight on that ship's playstyle by Mantissa, below in this thread.


The medium, and entry into the market through its trader loadout.

20000 hitpoints, 5500 Dmg, 3s reload.

This is the toughest of the Snipers, with still decent mobility.

Against fast targets, it also hits the hardest with its Tesla Cannon.

Generally a good ship in all environments if you can get used to the playstyle.


The heavy weight of the Artillery bracket.

15000 hitpoints, 2x ~4750 Dmg, 4.5s reload.

Extreme firepower, low health, low mobility. If you really like the Svarog and are willing to sacrifice everything for more dakka, this is the ship for you. Against serious opposition, it’ll also have serious shortcomings, so choose wisely.


Like every class, there’s three, as well.

The options here are the Flak Turrets, preinstalled on all Artillery Cruisers, Bolt Guns, for additional long range power, and Machine Gun turrets.


Short range, high damage. Actually decent ammunition. Very good if someone tries getting cozy.

Bolt Guns:

Very long range with an ok punch, they allow you to fire in all directions in the heavier snipers, or hit corvettes hovering far above you. With some practice, you can also intersperse them with your main weapon for extra dps. Obviously, you’ll lack that dps close in.


Higher range than flak, higher damage than bolt guns. Would be a great middleground if they weren’t so darn underwhelming. Try them out, but I honestly can’t recommend them.


So what’s usable? (personal opinion)

Module 1:

You start with Siege, situational but useful. Never use it if an enemy sniper is in range. Seriously, don’t.

Depending on preference, you can unlock the Bomb Catapult, offering good area damage at very high range, even when barely peeking out of cover. Close in, you can shotgun a target flying above you with it, best in combination with a dive maneuver or stasis.

Sentry Catapult will be a great help in Sniper Duels and for harassing enemy supports.

Purge shot allows you to slow, disrupt, and drain up to two targets. Hard to hit at a distance, it has higher range than your actual gun. If you’ve ever been hit by it and thought “that’s OP”, you are probably right.

Disruptor Autobeam can be used as a defensive ability against mobile team comp, targeting close in corvettes and destroyers and making sure they overthink that ramming/Blink Warp idea they had.

Module 2:

Don’t use Flechettes.

All debuff missiles will be a good choice, depending on your preference. Stasis Mines can help you cover your back and inconvenience corvettes, but you’ll have to play around them a little.

Everything here is somewhat worth a try.

Module 3:

Anti-Missile abilities and area debuffs.

You’ll need a good reason to not use an Anti-Missile ability, as they can be live savers. Still, both Disruptor and Stasis can be useful in case you feel you need more of them.

Module 4:

Mostly defensive utility.

If you like Cloak, Stationary cloak is actually pretty decent.

Isn’t stopped by moving, just more visible.

Dive Maneuver can be used to quickly drop to cover, or initiate a shotgun maneuver with Bomb catapult.

Everyone else uses Armour Amplifier.

Useful Briefings

The following is my personal opinion, pick what you like.

In every case, the 101s are useful, and sometimes even a superior choice.


Once you can, unlock Desperate Measures. It might save your life.


If you’re flying a Svarog or Grenada, Survival Instinct. Otherwise, pick what you think works best for you.


Everything goes, though Navigation Expert is unusual on the heavier ships. Dodging is important, but against a corvette you might want those shields.


101 or reinforced. The latter grants 3000 / 3500 / 3000 hitpoints, depending on weight class, and increase your cooldowns by around 10%. It’s a pretty decent amount of hitpoints.

General Behavior Advice

So, how does one play Artillery? Easy question, hard answer. Sometimes, the answer is actually “You don’t”.

Still, some advice:

  • Don’t be predictable. Bobbing up and down is fine, but if you do it in the ever-same interval, someone will catch onto it and still hit you

  • Don’t just hover there. You can actually move. Flanking becomes far easier if the target isn’t going anywhere.

  • When in doubt, shoot the healer. If nothing else, he probably deserves it.

  • Prioritize what you can actually kill, and help your team focus fire; It’s the only thing Snipers actually bring to the table, they might as well do their job.

  • On Svarog and Grenada, the gun is at the very tip; With the right angle, you can fire out of cover while barely giving the opposition a target.

  • Don’t hover around all alone. Corvettes will have a field day.

  • Try to keep some energy in reserve. You might need it.

  • With the 7km range cap, chances are if you can hit them, they can hit you.

More details and actual reasoning find their home in the linked overview.

Changelog of the PDF Guide:

Nothing so far. I mean, I just posted it. smile

EDIT: Currently very busy, so this might take a while. Expect something till early Sept.

I've put together an overview of Artillery Cruisers, linked here!

I think myself pretty decent with the class, specifically the Svarog and Grenada, and decided to try and contribute a little towards getting more people to learn the intricacies sniping. smile

I'll write a "what to buy first" section in the coming days, and I'd love some feedback.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As such, I am entitled to disagree. Not as thoroughly as others have, but as someone rather capable with Artillery, I'd like to point out that in so called "high level play", and in most squads and TE (yeh, lol), you barely see a Grenada. It's just too fragile compared to a Svarog, too slow.

In the same way, saying that "Corvettes are all about speed, and this one is the fastest" is maybe a bit simplified.

I mean, why are they about speed? Survivability? In that case, I'll take 100% extra hitpoints on the Kresnik over the maybe 20% mobility the Valcour offers.

At the same time, I can see the 360° firing angles on the Fulgora be beneficial after a target warp, of for corvette hunting.

It.. just isn't that simple.

Today was in squad chat.

We were talking in german.

Both of us had profanity filter off.

I got a warning message on writing "Die meisten Corvetten sind genauso schlecht wie mein Team".

Independent of that this shouldn't even be monitored, what did the filter find there? I don't get it.

A few suggestions I didn't want to put in the main post:

  • limited vanity: have a limited subset of paintjobs available for rent for FP

  • Rearmament cost: If you are adamant about running costs, call it something else than repair, and base it on general ship usage: Dreadnought incur less costs from taking damage, and get extra ribbons for taking damage near teammates (tanking), ships get a tiny cost for kills (ammunition expenditure), costs for deaths have diminishing returns... basically a system that doesn't penalize you much if you're doing your job

  • Reputation gain: Allow high level players to buy extra daily contracts, which award reputation with minor factions, eventually resulting in additional vanity items or maybe even an exclusive ship if they go through with that weird tier system - I suggested this on Twitch in the past. The reputation could have a slow percentage decay as to still provide a currency sink after a long time

I'm sure others could have better ideas.

In the recent stream, they announced repair costs. A synopsis and general disccusion can be found in this thread.

A fleet repair system, as hinted at and and as seen in other games, basically means that whenever you finish a game, your fleet is damaged, probably based on the damage you took, and you'll have to pay either FP or GP to repair it, or, depending on the system they are going for, wait if you don't.

They have also promised a more detailed explanation and reasoning of the system, so take everything here with a grain of salt, but I felt I wanted to give feedback about that.

So, first things first, I see the basic reasoning: They need an FP sink, or people will eventually just pile it up, and it should be higher on the "higher tiers" so people don't get hampered in their progression too much early on.

However, I do believe this is a bad way of going about it. Let's get some reasons:

  1. If the repair cost is at all based on the damage you took, it does two things:

    A ) It punishes bad players way more than good players, and will lead to one-sided matches being even more punishing for the losing side, and potentially good players trying to avoid the more mediocre ones on their teams for fear of spiking their repair costs.

    B ) It will discourage people from playing the frontline, which is a necessary part in most team compositions. A defensively played Dreadnought already gains less points than a good healer or sniper, now he'd probably also get less currency out of it because he did his job.

  2. Repair costs will probably also rub in the "you lost" some more.

  3. If the repair cost is not based on the damage you took, then what is it based on? Time played, so players would be encouraged to finish games quickly? It might work, but I don't think people would be happy about it, and again it would benefti strong teams more as they can just quickly stomp the opposition.

  4. Assuming repair cost is relatively static, and not based on performance, it is essentially just a fix cost that may as well have been baked into the match reward.

  5. Having players constantly pay for something just feels bad. I know that's not necessarily rational, but feelings aren't.

I think MWO having repair costs, and ditching them for that very reason: It felt bad and penalized weaker players more.

And does anyone remember the WoW beta where you gained less XP after a while, and people complained, so they changed it so you got more Xp if well rested, and suddenly everyone was ok with the same mechanic after they just changed the wording?

I won't go all suggesty here, and I'm awaiting an explanation of the train of thought behind that feature, but I think there could have been better ways to implement a currency sink.

I've thought about why I have this revulsion for the tier system shown, and besides immediate suspicions of "Pay to Win" and and a general scepticism of both changes ( that's my fault, really) and long grinds, I think it is about the conclusion they came to based on the data they had.

Now, the following is just my opinion, and others may genuinely like grinding, as I have said myself in the past.


So, the data you had apparently said that people like most unlocking a new ship, but unlocking ships was also the least fun part.

Have you considered that some of those people like unlocking new ships because then they have a new ship, which offers them more choices, a new perspective, an entirely new ship with a new feel?

And that they dislike the unlocking process because they actually have to unlock it, grinding up to several hours for the weaker players just to get that new playstyle?

And now your answer is: "Hey, now you have to unlock even more ships, but don't worry, they are less different now!"

I am mildly sceptical about that train of thought.