Yeah at least they're trying to optimize it... I hate great games that are not optimized such as Planetside 2.

Welcome to the forum! Hope you have a great time!

So this is the figure...

Lol yeah it was pretty lame... Also how do I do the image for my posts and signature?

Sherogorat#7757 posted (#post-6617)

Fcking 3D Figures?

Also, hello and welcome to the forum!

The Alpha invites are already going around and the Beta will be early next year. If you sign up for the beta in the right corner you don´t get an notification email so don´t panic

Hello commanders! NADC Is recruiting any players that want to have a good time ingame, organized squad and have weekly 5v5 battles with experienced commanders. This is a Casual and Competitive squad, if you just want a squad that you can come on and have a good time, NADF will be the squad you're looking for. If you wish to join just reply to this, any questions please ask.

Hope to see you all in the battlefield!


I see... SC player eh? Are you in ultra? Im one of the former GArc players. Want to make a joint force once we get in beta?

Hello fellow space commanders! Few days ago I was at FanExpo Toronto, at the intel booth they were having 5v5 Dreadnought matches. At the end we won and received some 3D printed figures, when we asked Intel if we could have some beta keys or something they said to come here to sign up. Really hyped for this game to be open beta or at least I get accepted for beta. Overall this game would be great, the graphics were decent and the mechanics were good. Hope everyone gets into beta! I would prefer this game over another free to play game (SC) smile