I can verify that it is indeed a funny joke..

I guess I was mentioned because of my bloodthirst, suicidality and immense abhorrence toward artillery and all those camper class alike. Yes, I am pretty evil and merciless while attacking arties, but I'm flying the weakest corvette in game! I'm far from being that much effective to be worthy of this angsty post and list of WANTED...

Although that is quite hilarious how certain people feel unappreciated by NOT getting into The List =)). Holy throne of corpse-emperor - you made my day, dude=). Don't play artie - you'll have less priority of my agression.

Description for this tactical cruiser's module promises:

"Stasis, Drain energy, Module interruption"

In fact there is no effect at all, only visual one (like beam changing color).

Enemies could still use modules under purge beam, energy does not draining also.

In key binding settings you can assing one key for several commands and there will be no notifications about conflict with original bind of that key. For example you may set Amplify weapons to 'W' and this key will still be responsible for moving forward. So you will fly forward and have your weapons amplified. Previous binding should set itself to 'none' upon command reassigning.

Even though two cluster shells are indeed flying toward targeted enemy, those swarms of little missiles they produce will "loose trail" of intended prey and will hit randomly any other enemy ship within short radius.

According to (very poor)module description this thing should work as cluster missile - and it sometimes does, but if you

a)too close to target(less than ~2.5km)

b)target changed position

this two cluster shells will die out on arrival without releasing swarms of smaller missiles.

Due to changes in firing mechanism with tier progression there is now less damage per each bolt. And instead of salvo of bolts, Athos shooting constantly with decent firerate.

However, if usually while energy directed to weapons you can see increased firerate which is apparently the reason of increased damage. With T5 Athos there is either no weapon(firerate) amplifying at all or there is drastically insignificant rise of weapon effectiveness compared to energy consumption.

Module description promises:

-stasis, energy drain, module disruption(in lore part also mentioned scrambling visual sensors).

The real Purge Beam putting enemy under following debuffs:

-armor breaker effect, energy drain, module disruption(no scrambler, no stasis).

Even normal beam of this ship is oddly unsteady. It has tendency to break off even if you not rotating(this excludes turret switching), perfectly aimed at non moving enemy and even not moving at all(this excludes ping issues). This is especially affect Purge Mode module because it require holding enemy under constant "burning" in order to insure module disruption. But with this bug corvettes under bugged beam can escape by spamming afterburner ability, ramming destroyers can continue ram, etc... Therefore this module does not work as intended and makes ships under it's effect able to preserve their module advantage. Meanwhile you obtain a constant debuff such as armor breaker effect and energy drain, which puts you in disadvantageous conditions.

Steps to reproduce:

1. assemble Harwich build with Purge Beam;

2. shoot with your main guns at enemy ship using Purge Beam;

3. see that enemy still capable to use his modules within gaps formed by interrupting beam.

what needs to be done:

-fix beam of Harwich main weapon to make it stable and shoot without interruptions

-rework debuff effects applied on your ship while using Purge Beam.

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-77605)

We are running the script to grant this Elite Status and Credits, it should be completed within the hour. Apologies for the delay smile

Still don't have 7 days of elite. I received letter and redemeed code for open beta(just to be sure I activated everything). Did that script missed me somehow?