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Been playing Dreadnought for 3 or 4 years now. About a month ago the stick for the camera control became very sensitive making it hard to aim and get a decent camera angle without it pointing at some random location above the ship with. Staring into space. I thought it was my controller so bought a new one about a month later but still the same issue. Was a change made to the camera controls? How can I change its sensitivity. Its basically unplayable now. I use layout 2.

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Deathmatch, Veteran - thats mostly what I play.

True But this is the usual time I climb on to the PS4 - GMT/UTC 16:00. Timezone is GMT/UTC+2/. Usually there are poeple around.

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Whats up with the PS4 server tonight? Its been 60 minutes and no matches. It's been getting worse and worse over the last three weeks and tonight its like a ghost town.

Sad panfa.

One thing you may find is, that as you progress up the tiers, corvettes become less and less useful. In fact I haven;t seen any on "Ledgendary" - but its hard to get games on that level so maybe I just haven't seen them. They are too weak for those levels and the co-ordinated game play.

I think they may be over powered at the lower levels but at the upper levels they are a dead-end. If you invest in them early on you are going to struggle at the later tiers. Thats what my experience has been so far with them. Not sure what others have found.

Also you get very little points/credit etc playing covettes - in my experience it can be 1/4 of what I get playing other classes, this is at level 4, and this makes it a real slog later.

Lots of drop outs in games now to - seems no one can stand loosing Not sure if there is an influx of new players or what the cause is but it really is making the game less enjoyable -- but I am trying to see this as a challenge worthty of my fighting prowress Nothing will be hte feeling of winning a 5 vs 3 or 2 game .... one day.

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the wait time for games on the PS4 is getting longer and longer. Anyone else experience this recently? Also matching seems to be a bit off with unbalanced teams?

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I know this is a matter of opinion because different maps suit different styles. Here is my list of best to worse. I can't remember all the spellings of the map names so some descriptive phrases are provided to avoid ambiguity:

  • Armani (volcano) - love all the nokes and crannys. Don't need to rely on heavy armour to survive,

  • Red Sands - as above

  • Kappa Base - as above

  • Dry Dock - not so great as it creates a kind of trench warfare scenario where fleets slug it out over the divide.

  • Rings of Saturn - although lots of interesting places on the periphery the main arena is basically just an open space, no-mans-land kiling field. It can take ages to get to the action without warp,

  • Ryugu Haven - not a fan. Flying around in concentric circles. As above for getting to the place where the action is

  • Skybridge - really hate this one. Everyone just decends to the empty space below and have a slug match with little space for strategy.

Well those are my thoughts

I am in the EU region but far from europe I think it was just a display issue that came right after the first game.

yeah, I use the altenative layout much less hassle with the energy wheel. Still occassionally having to issue commands twice to get it to take. Has anyone experience some of the following recently:

  • Activating a module, it says it actives but no missiles or torpedoes or warp?

  • Primary and secondary weapons freeze up and don't fire with mutliple presses. (there is ammunition in the magazines).