Hey all,

Just logged in to dreadnought and I got 0 credits. It should be around 19000. That was the last time I logged off after having 0 credits during the some of the previous plays.

Hi all,

Just checking to find out if the patches for Meltdown/Spectre etc have been applied to the PS4 servers and if there is any expected performance impact? I read somehwere the Dreadnought server run on Amazon? I think they patched already.


Its a little better if you use the alternative layout for controls. At least you don't end up wth the comms wheel when you want the energy wheel. Pushing down on the controlls to go up and down can cause your thumbs to get a bit stiff.

Hi all,

Just a few observiations about the minimap. Why is it possible to see a ship with line of sight, panning camera etc but they don't show up on the minimap? Also a ship can be shooting at you and it doesn't show in the minimap. In the middle of a dog fight you want to see where the shots are coming from its quicker to glance at the minimap to id the shooter but they are not shown and you have to waste precious mili-seconds panning around to find out the direction.

Is this intentional? What are the rules for showing up on the minimap? I can understand a cloaked ship not showing up. But surely if they shooting at you any sane system would be able to inform you of the direction?

Is it supposed to be a fog of war thing or a radar type thing? Either way if something can be seen it should be on the minimap.


Hi there,

Is it possible to disable team chat audio? Sometimes it just becomes an annoying distraction while you play.

I know you can disable cross team chat that happens at the end of the game but it also appears to be reset every game.


yeah - i found the touchpad bad byt has got a bit better recently. This is either due to muscle memory or to a software update. Also I changed the default keybindings to the 2nd option. Was so tired of trying to get the energy wheel but getting the comms wheel instead. I still have the issue where the wrong thing gets activated and normally have to swipe twice to get sometihing turned on/off.

Agree. I actuall go to my steamos box and play something else while I wait.

Yeah, I get this alot after playing for a while or after switching fron netflix to play a game. A restart tends to sort it out. It usually starts with there being different "sounds" for ship types on the selection screen before a game starts. The sounds of each ship, which normally I am not even aware of, is noticably louder and annoying. In game there is a lot of jitter. Not sure if I am imagining it but sometimes the speed of the ships seems to vary. Sometime responsive and other time slow. (This last bit could all be in my mind though )

Can anything be done abou the slow load time of the game? Espeically when you finish a game and wait for the main menu to load.

I am still experiencing incidents where mdoules do not respond to button presses, and they are not in cool donw. Just had a game where the touch pad just didn't respond until I respawned.

thanks for the info. Is there some limit as to how much health you must have when you warp? Often you explode on warp when your health is low.?