Also just to add sometime the modules do not fire but they are depleted and start their count down timers. Sometime warping just wasp you back to the same place you were before. Any insights on this?

Just checking if this is normal but often there is an appreciable delay between activating a module and it actually doing anything. I assume its normal. A bit annoying since sometime you think its activated but its not, have to wait a second before trying again. This is particularly harmful with the nuclear torpedo as you can blow youself up if you think it hasn't launch but it has and you press the actication button again. Not that I have ever done that of course -- I heard this from a friend of mine

I have the same experience. Onslaught and Team Elimination modes seldom seem to result in a game. Team Deathmatch is ok. This is in the UTC+2 timezone. I got one more Onslaught mission to finish to clear a contract

Got to suppor the contention that the touch pad is really bad for the energy wheel or comms wheel. Latency is atrocious and more often than not you get the option you don't want - i.e comms wheel and not the energey wheel and the comms wheel won't go away etc.

Hi all,

Trying to work out what the spinning triple triangles on the minimap are all about? i am not sure if they are some kind of mines, missiles or what.