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Davon mal abgesehen, Englisch sollte mittlerweile jedem geläufig sein. Gerade als aktiver Internet-Nutzer ist Englisch essentiell.

Da schließt du aber jüngere Spieler aus. Mit 12 (USK-Freigabe) kann man das noch nicht so gut.


Aber um ehrlich zu sein ist DN nicht so kompliziert. Es könnte alles auf Mandarin geschrieben sein und es wäre immer noch möglich alles herauszufinden.

Davon abgesehen werden Spieler in diesem Alter meist ohnehin "ausgeschlossen", da sie sich entweder erst gar kein Squad suchen oder gegen die anderen gar keine Chance haben (ich persönlich kenne jetzt keine 12-Jährigen die viel von Teamarbeit verstehen).

Are you certain that you weren't disconnected? Because this usually happens then.

You can't. It's using some really basic markdown cr4p.

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Wäre mal schön wenn man die Sprache einstellen könnte. ..damit man weiß was man sich so alles ins Schiff packt .... mit Google Übersetzer klappt das nicht wirklich mfg alien.

Dazu müsste es erst einmal eine Deutsche Lokalisierung geben.

Bis zur Final würde ich damit nicht rechnen.

Davon mal abgesehen, Englisch sollte mittlerweile jedem geläufig sein. Gerade als aktiver Internet-Nutzer ist Englisch essentiell.

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But shouldn't "Latest Posts" contain basically everything? Obviously the most recent stuff will be on the fist or second pages of it, That basically covers your 24hr limiter, after that just ignore the rest of the pages of posts.

Personally I find it a bit more convenient that they are all listed in order of time in that way. Though we both use the forums for different purposes, so being able to go back a few days in the latest post section because I remember a recent thread I need to look into is generally more helpful for me.

Though as a note if there are unread posts in a thread you can see that easy from the icons on the left hand side. If there are 3 dots in the icon it mans there are new posts in that thread, if it is empty then there is nothing new there.

That's not the point, and yes, I already know what indicates an unread post.

However, the point is that I have no filter or anything to just display everything that's considered unread.

Any decent forums has features like that.

Why this would be useful? Because it happens that I have unread posts, then read posts, but after those there are unread posts that I missed. Obviously they won't be read because I won't ever go past page 2.

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Leave the latest posts the way they are, that works that way in every forum and cutting it off at 24h just means anybody not babysitting the forums daily will have a hard time catching up if they want to.

Which wasn't my suggestion in the end. That should be an per-user setting, the question is just if they are capable of doing that (though it's not hard).

I don't know if nobody ever put much effort into the forums because no one cared or because they weren't capable of doing so, but either way, it's inconvenient. Especially this markdown stuff.

That we're still without BBCode says enough.

It will never be a serious choice.

For dogfights you may as well just use auto-repair. Though that's an allrounder to me.

Without a doubt, the changes in TE are great.

But when I see stuff like "All weapons over 7km range have been reduced to 7km maximum range." I have to ask myself if this game is going to be an ultra-simplified minigame when it's "done".

Of course, that change makes artillery cruisers more valuable again. But tbh, limiting their range to 7km was simply retarded to begin with.

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If they nerf healing XP then it would balance it out as well.

For some at least.

I kind of gained my RP through nothing but kills. And even that way it's really fast.

Healing is more of a lazy way to gain RP.

3 days from 0 to 50 when we had Elite/Gold (which isn't available during the CBT).

Around a week in the CBT, without even focusing on points.

The progression right now is simply way too fast. Let's hope it won't be that fast when it's done, because it's as good as nothing then.

On a side note, will we ever get custom avatars/icons? Having only a few pre-made ones available is as good as none.

Also, "Latest Posts" shouldn't contain literally every post ever made.

Make it so that posts that are older than 24h won't show up there. Or if you manage to, make it a setting that each user can control for himself.

e.g. only show unread posts, only show posts of the last 12h