No, that's extremely unlikely, unless you get banned for any reason (the only way to manage that right now is breaking the NDA on a really obvious way).

Locutus98#7088 posted (#post-21147)

I received an invite to the Alpha with a code to download the client. Running Windows 10, upon completion of the download I receive a message stating the client is corrupt. Tried multiple times with the same message. Anyone else having this issue? Is it safe to run?

Maybe an issue with your Anti-Virus software or your firewall?

Nyanko#3267 posted (#post-21052)

I think it was a game design mistake to make the backbone of the strategy rely on the eternal mmo trinity with a huge emphasis on healing rather than finding something more classical battleship like with auto repairing modules for each ship, giving the tac more support based on boons, mass shields and other stuff.

The fact aside that DN isn't an MMO, what does healing has in common with MMO's? That's merely a mechanic to extend to variety of roles. I like how it works right now. A match can suddenly turn around with the proper use of a tac. Also it makes the game less a "just shoot it" game, since you need to focus on the healer if he keeps outhealing you.

Imrahil > SpankydaMonkey aka random that doesn't know sh´it about the game.

Just because you cannot counter something doesn't mean others can't.

There are plenty of ways to counter turtling, h3ll, there are enough ways to completely screw a team if they even dare to turtle.

But really:

SpankydaMonkey#5207 posted (#post-20818)

Take your condescending trolling elsewhere. Grown ups are conversing here.

Not only could I die laughing when someone (like you) writes that, no, you are even directing that at Imrahil, who actually knows what he's talking about? Mate...just no. Casuals like you should deinstall DN and continue playing CoD.

AdmiralStryker#9650 posted (#post-11541)

Some destroyers start with the Plasma Ram ability

That's not true.


Keep in mind that's not the closed alpha section. Doing stuff like naming different abilities may be a violation against the NDA.

(But as said, "may"...dunno which ones were already officially named...also, I don't really care at all, just saying, so you don't run into trouble if you are actually an alpha tester).