Teamwork > Everything else

PS: I forgot to mention, since the OP thinks plasma ram is something you outheal (it's burst, not DPS) and assumes it's something high up in the ranks (it's rank 3) you're better off not even replying, because he's at least one of the following things:

  1. A troll

  2. Some really salty guy

  3. Dense

Snib#1627 posted (#post-39446)

True and agreed, that transparency looks terrible, although interestingly enough with a smaller browser window both of those issues actually go away:

It's still kind of sad we now have to use smaller windows in order to fix a new issue while none of the actual ones were fixed.

Though as for the transparency that depends on the position of the post. It only really effects the very first post of each page.

Either way, it shouldn't be like that.

So...we have a new design for the website now.

Aside from the fact that it's looking rather annoying (srsly why do people use transparency for this?), was there anything fixed? The only new thing I see right away is just another bug, where your name goes into your post (e.g. Tux's name).

Everyone knows. It's just too simple to answer. Especially the FPS part offers plenty of options..

Praise Google and stuff.

Praxx#6480 posted (#post-39335)

I'm still a fan of taking the corvettes cloak. They really don't need to have the ability to sneak up right behind someone and kill them instantly. Even the best of players sometimes forget to look for those cloaks and get smashed. They have plenty of other skills to get them across the map, plus enough static environment to help them be sneaky as well.

Vote to remove the cloak!!! smile

Right, remove one of the modules that belong to the least used (and often least useful) in high-"tier"-gameplay. Makes sense.

That's almost like removing that weird maneuver module that the corvette has.

WarViper1337#8868 posted (#post-39292)

In some ways yes they are and in others they are not. For example artillery cruisers are just free kills for vettes since an artillery cruiser stands little chance against an experienced vette pilot. Vettes are ok at attacking healers but the cattaro can tear a vette apart with its deadly accurate beams. Finally vettes are kind of useless against most destroyers and dreadnoughts unless they catch them when they are low on health.

Vettes are flies for experienced Arty Pilots as well.

With 2 experienced players, I'd say it's 50:50 depending on the loadout of both.

As for attacking healers, IMO the Vulcan with plasma ram is unbeatable at this.

Oh, and don't think vettes are useless against dreads or DD's. You usually can kill any average dread/DD pilot 1vs1 with a corvette just fine.

Panbun#9139 posted (#post-39290)

I always thought the #[numbers] was for identifying the account number that was created. For example, if I was the 99th person to create an account, my number would be #99, and so on and so forth.

How did you conclude that. By that logic we'd have a user limit around 10K.

A single pilot should be able to dominate another team if that team is bad.

Well, should is the wrong word. He is able to.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-39175)

Well, you are only Bear#2153, so there can be 9998 other versions of you. smile

+1 for unique names though, never understood these numbering systems, a couple of other games use them, too, but ultimately it's just confusing.

You forgot Bear#0000.