SqU4D3Nn#3626 posted (#post-38476)

Well, I suppose if you don't leave you don't get any FP and Reputation?

Can somebody confirm that?

They still get the RP they earned, but not the bonus for finishing the match or the one for winning it.

They won't get any FP in any case.

It's still closed beta.

If people are not happy with their teams, let them leave.

You have literally nothing to lose because all your progress and all your stats will be wiped when the Open Beta and/or the final hits.

  1. Press Enter and the chat will come into the foreground.

  2. Yeah, I got this plenty of times. But tbh it's just a minor bug that has no effect.

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If you are experiencing excessively high GPU usage in-game, please go ahead and send us your DxDiag and MSinfo files so we can forward this to our dev team to investigate why this may be happening. To gather these files please follow the instructions on how to get your DxDiag below:

I am more curious about who doesn't experience that.

InfiniteLegends#9885 posted (#post-38415)

only with dep mea? why not ability reboot? u can combine those even, getting a quad ram XD

Which only works against highly retarded teams which do not even bother to shoot or disrupt you.

Kiddo calm your caps.

You can nuke him 10000 times and you won't do anything unless you do it properly (shields and healers pretty much make your nuke worthless if you just waste it).

Drome#5928 posted (#post-38336)

Never ending HTTP client transport failure. Tried restarting a few times. Is there a know resolution to this?

Keep trying/wait a bit.

That usually works fine for me.

Can't agree with you on any point. Especially the destroyer has plenty of options to break them (drain pulse, purge/plasma ram), flaks, etc.

Tbh you simply need to learn how to play/get an actual squad to play with. Blindly attacking without having your team backing you up (and randoms almost never back you up) is bound to fail.

Considering the scramble was supposed to be gone from all purge modules, I am surprised it appeared anyway.

And yeah, considering the power that the purge beam can have if used right, those self debuffs seem just fine.


Destroy the tac before you attack anything else. Unless your team can outdmg the heal, there's no point in attacking the others (for the most people at least...higher kinds of gameplay do have a use for that).

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Prior to attacking, destroy healing pods with small arms weaponry secondaries to keep your primaries to attack the ship, like snib said, block the healing beam with your ship, the beam from the Tac will damage you instead of healing the enemy, but it's negligible, especially if you are in heavily armored ship with lots and lots of HP, Gora, Morningstar, basically a Heavy Class.

It depends on your weapons. For me secondaries often are just like primaries and vice versa.

As for the beam...considering usually nothing but a Koschei is able to outheal the most damage, you won't even get any damage. But even if it would be an Aion, the damage you take is so low you won't even notice it tickles you.