maintenance is OK if its not as punishing as it is today. But its a good idea finally as it can encourage the team to get the victory.

Or it could depends of your efficiency in battle, by exemple.

do you know when you will implement this new system?

I defended them like two posts ago and i rarely play them, instead i play a lot arty

lemme give my noob two cents about corvettes

in my opinion, frankly, even if i got rekt by vettes, i'll not say they are OP. I think just a little PV reduction could be ok so there will be more difference in term of durability between an arty and a corvette.

Yes its a shame to be rekt by a skilled vette, yes i was rekt 4 times in a row by a corvette with a k/d ratio of 10 at my very second battle, but that's what they are done for. Their goal is to punish yolo alone players. Even as a arty, I have my chance against corvettes if I keep map awareness and swap my weapons, modules and energy at the right time.

I will make a comparison with an another moba i play alot, World of Warships. In this, we have the battleships as the tankers, the cruisers as the support, and the carriers as the punisher of yolo players. (plus the destroyers but not the subject here). But with time, people whined about carriers being OP. So the devs nerfed the carriers, buffed the AA of battleships to the absurd point that some battleships have a better AA defence than cruisers (which were the one supposed to do the AA screening...) Now a Hood player or a North carolina player can yolo camp in the corner of a map without a single fear about being strike by a carrier.

So, please, don't do the same mistake with Dreadnought smile and let the corvettes rekt in peace the campers.

A random (maso?) arty player.

thanks you very much

please lemme be sure about one thing: for missile or torps or elsewhere salvos, the indicated max damage is for one single missile or for the whole salvo?



I just started to play the game and i'm facing a problem with my settings

I'm unable to use the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys to use my modules. So i tried to bin them to the f1 f2 f3 f4 keys and it still dont work. At this time i am forced to use these commands with the V, B, N and comma keys, wich is not very comfortable.

Thanks for your support