It would be nice to see progress in a chart I think

Indeed, Jackal accuracy now is fine.

I found em good even over the 3k range, if you target slower ships.

For me at this point Slug torps should have a bigger aoe, maybe between 500-800 meters.

It's just an idea but what would you think about it?

Maybe I am missing something, but what is the point using Slug Torpedo instead of Jackal Torpedo?

Cost (xp and credits) and damage are the same for both versions but Jackal Torpedo got longer range, larger splash damage and fires more torps too.

Now dread torps are reliable and it would be good to have an alternative version I think!

It happened to me too, it seems it happens if you press "return to hangar" too early

Same problem here, guys was you using Nvidia Geforce Experience?

I'm not sure NGE is the problem but I'm having the resolution issue since I uninstalled it.

I guess the NGE game optimization option messed up some Dreandought configuration file here.

I tried the repair option in the DN launcher but nothing changed.

I know I should try to reinstall NGE, but I really don't want that bloatware anymore.

Great thanks, but this way is more handy smile

+1 an anti-missile fighter just one-shotted me.

Cause of death was primary ability with 68k damage, nothing else.

Couldn't catch the screen anyway I was on a Voronezh, full health and firing vultures missiles.

It wasn't my first time, for what I've seen I suppose it happens when the a-m fighter

use its primary ability close enough to a ship firing missiles.

As the missiles spawn with the fighter nearby BOOM

I just bought the Athos as my first T5 ship, please add me to the list thanks!

Hi, I would need to swap bindings for Energy Wheel and Energy off.

So it will be Energy off: E ; Energy Wheel F4.

I can do that in game, but it always reset to default, can i do that editing the ini file?


Lincrono#9039 posted (#post-115939)

The problem is our ever lazy devs did the exact same thing with modules that they did with ships: They copy pasted and then tweaked the damage/range/speed to create the illusion of choices.

What we really need are distinctly different classes of missiles and torps with clear strengths and weaknesses instead of the current system where one or two options trump all their pale copy-paste siblings.

I mean just look at the buff/debuff missiles. They're all the same, same speed, same range, same damage, same # of missiles, the only 'differences' are literally the color and the effect. That's fake variety. Then there's the fact that missiles are just outright too pathetic to really matter. They're countered by everything under the sun including their own pathetically sluggish speeds and tracking abilities.

Lincrono I know the feeling, but if I have to say mine, I really like playing Dreadnought at all.

I see your point, but since I started playing this game, things are gradually getting better...

Maybe slowly if you want, but it's not that bad I think! smile