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Oh, in other games it used to actually happen a lot more. Like, in City Of Heroes, if you just picked a random group for a quest, you could almost guarantee that one of them will be just parked at the mission entrance and expect to just get the bonus xp for other people finishing the mission. It was practically a trope.

I like what Dreadnought did with the win xp, by comparison. You get a win bonus, but it's a multiplier, so you still have to do SOMETHING to get anything out of it. Kudos for that. Just thought I'd mention it.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-223124) said:
I see your not read what i said. in this game you'd have to set the timer differently to "lock" sopmeone out of matches. Sure a Troll could make other accounts, but then doing that would take time, so they are still not playing while they are doing that, and then they would have to go through the sheltered MM first then level back up if they want to greef anyone other than recruit players, so i guess realy, your point really has not validity to it.

I find it almost a rule of thumb that when someone proclaims in advance that they won the argument, no need to wait for any discussion, anyone disagreeing just didn't read their profound wisdom... it just means they really can't make much of an argument. Be it about gameplay, Jesus, or flat Earth, the same applies. They won, you a priori have no validity, because... wishful thinking :p

ANYWAY... Making another account and getting out of protected MM takes hardly any time at all, considering that once you've made it you have it for ever. The only way for that timing to be any deterrent would be if you had to make a whole new one every time. But 1 or 2 would get you through any lock-out from here to infinity, without any need to make any more and wait any more.

Losing about a day worth of matches outside recruit to get a veteran ship or two is also hardly a deterrent, since again you keep it for ever.

And it's not just theoretical wishful thinking., I have multiple accounts in several games (mostly to get around the limited ship/character/whatever slots in those games), and I've never had to redo the account creation and newbie area all over again from scratch just because I swicthed account. Once you've got the account and got past the newbia are or MM, that's it. Any deterrent value in having more than one account simply vanishes past that point.

Plus, you seem to be assuming that the kind of person who's leaving has their life revolving around playing the upper tiers. In fact, a lot of us actually like the lower tier gameplay more. At veteran and above everything you've learned before goes out the windos, and the game increasingly becomes a fest of one-shot, two-shot, annoying or just plain old BS abilities that make it not much fun for a lot of people who aren't into exploiting the unbalance of the month themselves. There's a reason why at least half the roster in Recruit games is level 50 players.

And for someone looking to troll, trolling newbies is just as good, if not better, so that REALLY didn't solve anything.

And the ones I've seen genuinely get annoyed and leave a game (you occasionally see it even on youtube), it was again invariably about the BS gameplay at higher levels. So I'm not sure a day or two of playing recruit again would exactly be a punishment.

But let's say they don't go and play a new account in recruit, and are actually that daft and unimaginative as to actually be absolutely unable to think of any way to play while a lock down is in effect. Let's even say they take it as some sign that they MUST stay in the game. Then what do you think happens? They're still in a match they don't enjoy. Forcing someone to keep trucking through some non-fun quarter of an hour doesn't magically make it fun. Then at best you get some people who uninstall the game (and yeah, surely we need even less players) and at worst people who then alt-tab and go watch a movie instead of just quitting the round. So now you can't even have the MM shove someone else in their place for the rest of the round.

Ah. Thanks, good to know.

I wouldn't go that far, but yeah, IF someone thinks that keeping a third subscriber entertained is worth shafting 7 people on their team, something is very wrong there.

So basically the "condom with a hole" kinda solution? You know, it gives a false sense of security while you're getting screwed?

Because I don't see anything in there that would actually deterr someone who's using it to troll. At worst you just get to troll with leaving the game a couple of times before you go play something else for half an hour, and at best you can just make a few other accounts to play in the meantime. It's not like it even costs an extra subscription fee or anything.

The only ones getting screwed by it are the ones who got a genuine bug. E.g., yesterday I had twice in a row that Ixion failed to load, and the third time my camera was fixed. And no, clicking didn't fix it. I could shoot by clicking, but only in one direction. So basically you're saying that the game should have punished me for that with a timeout, for no other reason than that the devs can't fix their cr*p.

TBH, I'm starting to think of just starting to leave when I see light destroyers with ram. I'm ok with it being powerful, I'm ok with it being amplifiable, but it being the only attack that goes flat out ignores shields is just plain broken as far as I'm concerned.

And I'm starting to feel like the task of making the game fun for everyone should be the devs', not mine.

Just in case there are others doing the same. You know, as they say, if you're one in a million, there are 7000 like you :p

Quoth Worf about Klingon honour: winning is the most honourable thing :p

So I just came from watching a youtube export of someone's stream, and frankly it gave me a stomach ache. The guy was happily chatting to his like 3 viewers on another screen about their vacation and whatnot, and not even watching the actual game window more than half the time. In fact, he didn't even look at the game window at all the first two minutes of the round. I'm not exaggerating. It was lietrally 2 minutes on the round timer. That's like 15 to 20 percent of the whole round for most matches.

Look, I get it that having a whole 3 viewers at a time must be an exciting thing for some people, but... you know... there are 7 more "viewers" on your team, getting slaughtered and wondering WTH is that guy doing, and why did he just feed by mindlessly pushing forward instead of taking cover or activating the shields.

And that's really my whole point. If it's some stream of The Sims or another single player game, knock yourself out. If the kitchen burns down and your sims die while you're chatting and looking at the other screen, it didn't affect anyone else. Heck, it may be even funny for the guys watching you be slapstick bad at it. But if it's a multiplayer TEAM game, please do try to give at least a reasonable amout of effort to the people on your TEAM. Ruining 7 other people's game by literally contributing less to the TEAM than a bot isn't even fun to watch, much less to be one of those 7.

Pretty please?