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Except it's not invincibility. You only need one purge beam, tartarus missile, or purge torpedo or whatever,, to end that invincibility right there and then.

Honestly, all these threads could be grouped under one umbrella topic: "I'm too clueless to use debuffs or team buffs or anything that's not directly helping only MY **-waving about MY dps, MY k/ratio, and generally ME ME ME. Oh, and I shoud be able to solo any TWO ships (e.g., a tank AND a healer) working together, or people might not believe how great my tool is. Please nerf anything that requires more thinking from me than floating above and shooting at one thing continuously."

That way people wouldn't be confused if it's still "Corvettes are OP" season or that was just August, or whether September is "Healers are OP" or "Dreads are OP", or the latter isn't scheduled until October.

  • Yes, for a very short burst, a healer can put out a lot of healing, but then it runs out. Unless...

  • Well, that was what my second paragraph was saying: you're seeing not the healer being OP, but two people working together. It's the dread's being built for damage mitigation that is the other half of the equation.

  • While people look at the healer's boosts, let's look at the destroyer for a second. My Blud can also throw 780x186/60 or approx 2400 dps under 1200m. Throw in weaponbooster pulse and weapon amplifier and that's, what, +150% damage? I'm around 6k dps at this point, and I haven't even thrown the energy to weapons.

And that's not even counting stuff like throwing the Storm Missiles (nearly 27k damage and hits in a second), or the torpedoes.

So yes, a single destroyer still VASTLY outstrips even the healer's burst healing. Unless, see above, the dread is doing a lot of damage mitigation of his own.

  • Well, maybe yours is built better than mine. I mean, with a healer I'm nearly invulnerable too, but if the healer went down it's stil a slow descent into death. And then there's purges and whatnot...

I'd also ike to add that a lot of spread you're seeing isn't necessarily people going Rambo, but the game respawning everyone on a different side of the map. I can't even count the times when my Koschei or Aion respawned on the freaking other end of the map, and got owned by some destroyer or a coupe of vettes before getting anywhere NEAR the own troops.

This also ties in with turtles no longer working. Previousy, sure, uness you ran into SOS or whatever, you coud stay in the turtle forever and do your healing and tanking. Nowadays a lot more of us have gotten the hang of breaking turtles, which gets you people respawning all over the map instead of staying together. You may think that that poor chap just forgot how to stay together, but he may be just trying to make the most out of spawning behind enemy lines after being knocked out of the group.

TBH my experience has been the exact opposite. A month ago everyone was still figuring out how to play the game, and getting people to stay together other than in a turtle was akin to herding cats. Nowadays sometimes you don't even have to say "please stay together", they just follow whatever dread is in front.

It's also been quite the opposite of what you say about dreads and heavy destroyers for me. I'm obviously not one of the best players by any measure, but I think there are people around who can attest that my dread is anything but easy prey, much less unplayable. Sorry about yours, but mine is more playable than ever.

I think what you MIGHT have seen a month ago as "line combat" is turtles endlessly shooting at each other. Mostly because most of us hadn't figured out anything better. But even then the turtle wasn't ACTUALLY that safe against an armoured spearhead of people who know how to break one. And in my case I have to thank the SOS folks for rolling over a couple of turtles I was in, and getting me thinking that there's obviously better ways to play the game.

First of all, no, they already don't heal as much as a destroyer of the same tier can put out. An Aion puts out 800 hp/s under 1200m, less above. Sure, the Aion can throw in a beam amplifier and auto-beams, but the destroyer can also launch storm missiles and nukes, so it's still more.

AGAIN,, what you're seeing is that the dread is also using its shields and other abilities too. The ones who just float about and expect that the healer alone can negate any alpha strike against them, die quickly.

But here's my point: you have 8 (EIGHT) people in that team. CAN you even think of scenarios that don't involve ONE SINGLE ship (be it a destroyer or whatever) ALONE being able to break the turtle and own everyone? Out of 7 other players, you can't get ANYONE to shoot at the same target? Even with the game giving you the F key macros?

Because that's what this endless whine boils down to, and it's been ever since Ultima Online in the 90's. People roll some damage dealer character and think it means they'll be in god mode, and own everyone left and right by themselves. It's ALWAYS the same "it's unbalanced because ONE rogue/destroyer/whatever can't insta-gib a tank that's being actively healed at the time! I'm nerfed! They're OP!" complaint.

Well, here's a thought: because if one class could own any TWO others working together, then all the other classes would be obsolete. And that's no way to design a game.

As for teamwork, yes, it could be better. But you can still at least follow the tank and shoot at the same targets as your team mates, at the very least. For bonus points, you can even throw a debuff at it, or a buff at the team mates. It's still teamwork. Not as well coordinated as with voice chat, but hey, you can. It's not all or nothing. Is all I'm saying.

Ed_Anger#9258 posted (#post-141895)

Interceptors is a module used on tier 4+ dreadnoughts. The "corvettes are OP" threads are thatta way-->

That said, maybe moving fighters/bombers/interceptors to tier 5 would be a good idea. Then tier 2-3s wouldn't have to get farmed by them.

And adding stasis pulse to tier 2 dreads and TCs would help this poor fellow with the Dover.

Personally I'd prefer if T2 weren't thrown unsuspecting into T4 matches, rather than trying to rebalance T2 to be perfectly able to hold their own against T4. Some ship being twice your tier better count for SOMETHING.

Don't get me wrong, if someone WANTS to go in a T2 into a veteran match, I for one wouldn't stop them. In fact, I salute them. The rest of the team might not appreciate it, but I wouldn't stop anyone from bravely earning their rightful place in Valhalla smile

But the nonsense of having people queue their recruit fleet, and end up against a team with 4x T4 and 4xT3 has got to stop. T2 shouldn't HAVE to be able to defend against T4 modules, unless they explicitly decided to queue for that tier.

And yes, I know, there is the counter of keeping a T1 in your recruit fleet. I know. But most new players don't seem to, and we end up with such unhappy people that queued up their T2 they worked hard for for a recruit match, and end up dealing with T4 nukes and interceptors.

That's the biggest problem, is all I'm saying.

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No, I saw them coming from the far side of the map. It was a TE match and Spurius I believe launched them. Couldn't hit them, raised shields, shields drained rapidly, Auto-repair, survived with only a few HP.

The flip side of the coin is that there are matches where I launch the interceptors a dozen times and they don't seem to do anything, because people know how to counter them. Or they get someone down to half health, sure, but then he dives behind a rock his buddy heals him right up.

Even when it does work, most of the time it's not as simple as just throwing them from the other end of the map and hoping for a kill. (Though I DO open with that, just in case. It's not like I have a better use for them in the next couple of minutes.) I like to get the guy overwhelmed one way or another, even if by just shooting some mate of his that went way out of cover (and then get shouted at for shooting at the healed guy), take the healer's shields off, throw in some missiles, and throw the interceptors too, so hopefully he's too busy with that full plate to react to the interceptors too. And even then, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Can't win 'em all.

Most of the use that's not as much of a dice toss is when some other dread -- or better yet, destroyer -- decides to warp up and park itself alongside me and try to slog it out like in ye olde age of sail. Weell, I have armor amplifier on slot 4, he just showed me he doesn't, 'cause he has a warp drive there. And often he just warped out of his healer's range. I know who's gonna win that secondary weapon duel anyway, but interceptors are fun anyway, because at that range he has just like 2 seconds to notice and react.

FINALLY, just for the record, I do feel kinda bad about using them, and I actually refused to use them for a week or so when I first got them. But then I had people use them against me. And then I realized that honestly, all balance goes out of whack by T4, it's not just the interceptors. You start having whole nuke salvos for 50k damage, storm missiles, siege mode alpha strikes that can flat out take out an unaware arty or even destroyer with even less notice than my interceptors, etc. And even the ship balance goes completely off the rails by then.

And nobody minds using THOSE. I'm not gonna fix the game by being the only one who doesn't use an ability I worked for. I'm just gonna be the one told he didn't pull his weight at the end of the game, when the opponents did use their out-of-whack abilities against us.

So I guess the short version is that I wouldn't mind it per se if it got moved to T5, but then I'd like to see the other BS abilities rebalanced too. The whole game is more unbalanced than a drunk three legged pig at T4, really.

Purge beam, or tartarus missile, or other such purge, puts all modules on cooldown instantly. There goes both self heal AND the beam amplifier.

Not that I seem to need it. I keep hearing about this mysterious healer that absolutely negates all damage to another healer, even when they're in the open in the middle of a formation, but I've yet to meet that mythical beast. It's like Bigfoot, I swear. There's always someone who swears it exists, but somehow it's never there when you look for it.

In practice, any such pair I've met is toast if they can't get behind cover. I like to just fly my dread above whatever ditch they're hiding in and blast at one of them from above, send in the missiles, and strangely enough, they just die.

AGAIN, even a Koschei only puts out 1800 hp/s sustained, if they're under 1200m from the target. An Aion does 800 hp/s. If you can't find ANY combination of ships in the team to do more DPS than that, frankly, you have to wonder if you're in the Twilight Zone or something.

The sadder truth of the matter, for people with such imaginary foes, is that it's never just the healer. If a team moves together like that, your REAL problem is that you're going solo against teamwork, and that always loses.

And it's never just the healer that keeps any one of them alive. You're seeing people who actualy use their energy right, and especially for dreads, may also use modules like Armor Booster Pulse and the Armor Amplifiers. Plus crew briefings like Retaliator and Adrenaline Shot to keep throwing up those modules and shields and soak the damage. The healer is vital there, and kudos to them, but is just half the equation.

The whole equation there is TEAMWORK, and ships designed and outfitted for TEAMWORK. It's not just where you go or who you protect, but, yes, also what modules and briefings you put on to make the most of what the support ships are doing, and help the team in return. And if you go solo against that, yeah, you lose.

If you actually did 2 million damage, you should have gotten 650 points just out of Damage Dealer badges.Two assists is a further 64 (or is it 100 in TE?), captain kill is variable. So you should have broken 700 easily, if you did as great as you say you did. Heck, you get IIRC 50 points even just for staying in the match until the end, at which point you'd be around 800. Never mind getting Gunchief twice.

That score tells me that you didn't really do anywhere NEAR as great as you think you did.

Unless you looked in the middle of the game, I suppose. Some badges' points are only added at the end of the game, when the progression screen pops up.

They die to any kind of offensive pulse, and I think pods kill them too. Plus, as Nemo said, shields negate most of the damage.

Realy, they only work against newbies who haven't yet figured out how to counter them. I onlly keep them because when they do work and take out a healer right at the beginning of a TE round, it's... it's... (sniff, wipes a tear) it's BEAUTIFUL smile