I have been unable to choose my ships in game for three days. Pre-game my ships do not "warp in" and cannot be selected. For three days I have jumped in as the first ship in my lineup every time, except a few times when the game worked. This seems true of all maps.

At least the last two matches I played did not give me credits or exp.

I cannot redeem contracts. The kill counts in contracts do not increase.

I am constantly logged into matches already in progress when I enter the Que.

The game is unplayable and I refuse to play it at this point until all issues are resolved.

Ok, I am giving a more detailed report. The game gives an error message everytime I do a bug report. It says the report was unable to be submitted every time I click submit. It processes several seconds and gives the error. Every single submission.

After one game today on Elysium it triggered a legendary battle bonus countdown despite being a veteran game.

Lastly, after a game whose map I cannot remember, sorry, the game failed to give free exp, regular exp, or credits. The one issue might have been going to home one second before all the data was displayed. Or it could have been one second after displaying it all. That is what I can remember. I had played a Machias mostly that game and got huge bonuses that failed to register.


The game fails to submit bug reports everytime.

I have had a veteran game cause a legendary battle bonus countdown.

Lastly, I had no exp or credits deposit to my account after a match once today.