Thanks for anwsering my questions the account thing is my main concern i hate to have 3k accountdatas just because everybody must split ingame and forumaccounts it is annoying. Im looking forward to the game.

  1. I´m assuming the game is goint to get a steamrelase so the question is, is the Beta coming to steam.

  2. We need an ingame account to track our stats do we need a new Account or do we use the forumacc or possible our steamaccounts.

  3. And the last question is are they still opting for a releas in Summer?

Thanks in advance

I would like to get some cool new informations about ships or somthing along this line so we have somthing to ramble about.

Just somthing that is not an concept art or a downtime news.

Looking forward to the game though

Thank you Drakane i didn´t find another thread with that question but now that it is answered this thread can be closed

Executioner Class

Medium Corvette

Primary Weapon: 4 Shotgun like shortrange canons with high burst potential

Secondary Weapon: either a heavy autocanon or a rapidfireing gatlinggun

As for abilities i´ll recommend the standard corvette abilities. One special ability can be a hook you shoot on to an enemy and then either mainpulate there movment or use it as a speed up to get past them,

A month later they were no more Dev streams the question is: Is that a good or a bad sign?

Yager already made their model clear all content that is needed to play (ships, maps) are free as far as i know u just need to lvl to get ability alternativs. The shop provides mostly cosmetics and the "XP" boost for the player that dont want to invest to much time to get the abilities. That is what i know about the F2P modelle. Atm its a bit of a niche game so there is the possebility of it dieing out quikly, so make shure you get all your friends to play it ^^.

The first thing is the devs already said they going to limit the fire arc a lot more that should fix a lot of the problem, second K/D Rate is not the best indicator for balance issuse becaus the sniper has a way bigger damage per shot wich makes it more likly to "secure" kills and it is not in the middle of the fight so its not likely to get many deaths. And remember it´s a 5 v 5 game i dont think that sniper can single-handedly win the match the need a frontline .

The analysis of Selerox is right the game has to grow naturally to support a competetive community because if you force it like certain big companies with B then it is going to frighten the casuals. A good start would be a well rounded competetiv mode and a squad/clan/party system where u can "organize" your premade teams and then its very important to have a good balancing. At a certain point the community is going to make there own online Tournaments and from that point they can start to make it big but there has to be a naturale growned base to start with.

After I realized that the old scedual "informations" about Beta first Quarter and Release end of summer are probably not up to date. I would love to see Dreadnought on Gamescom because as a German i didn´t had the oportunity or time to go to any of the PAX´s. I am happy to wait for the fullgame until its done but if i can get an opportunity to try it out i´ll take it.

Excuse me if i butchered the english language