I can provide a TS 3 server for an Sqaud if there is intresset in it give me PM.

Ich werde einen TS3 server für ein deutsches Squad zur verfügung stellen bei interesse schreibt mir eine PM und ich werde euch zu meinem Betainvite bescheid und die TS daten geben.

Mfg Ionenkanone

Defenetly Admiral Kaminska she gave it all on the Howling Abyss of the Word Bearers wich was a ship of abot double the sice of hers and she fought with out fear.

I think there are some features not ready and they want them in the Beta so as soon as the development is there we get our Beta. (Just my thoughts on the situation). I can wait as long as it takes. But i hope they are not going to jump on the Beta ingameshop bandwagon because that is a terrible design philosophy. There was a game that taked that to the top. (about 1 year "technicale alpha" with an ingameshop) :( .

Pretty easy question. How is the devolpment going what are the main goals at the moment and how many ship are disigned. Just want to know about the standing to get a feeling for whats coming.

Excuse any mistakes please english isn´t my native language.